Fickle Warmth

top: Jcrew, pants: Oldnavy, shoes: Urban Outfitters
 Unlike my last outfitting post, I was not afraid of catching frost bite while outside today. It was a sunny 65 degree day here in Lexington. But don't worry it'll be freezing again by Wednesday. The surprise warmth didn't have me ready to expose bare legs or arms or anything, but I will take errand running without a coat or gloves any day. Spring any time you wanna stick around for good I'll be fine with that.

Pemberton's Greenhouse

Pemberton's Greenhouse 555 Keller Court Lexington, KY
I have found a little green house haven in Lexington: Pemberton's Greenhouse. I shouldn't say little, because the property had several greenhouses, houses, and out door areas all dedicated to growing beautiful plants. They even had a whole greenhouse dedicated to indoor house plants. I was a happy girl strolling up and down all the isles of succulents. The staff was incredibly friendly and they know their stuff. If you had any question on what to buy or how to keep it alive (me) these people would steer you in the right direction. I was happy to take home a small array of plants and succulents for a terrarium for under $20. For someone who is just starting to turn their thumb green I can't wait to go back to Pemberton's to find some more interesting plants. 
Such joy to see a wide variety of size and type of succulents

rows, and rows of tiny plants growing in the sun 

this little guy is super interesting; a burro's tail succulent 

some succulents and a baby tear plant will make for a fine terrarium arrangement

Friday Flick Picks

Powerful tear jerker. The title sums it up, it seems impossible that a family of 5 separated by a tsunami can all survive and find one another. It's a beautiful story, but a little difficult to watch. When I think of natural disasters in movies they come off apparently fake. It usually fits into an "end of the world disaster" movie and you don't get to see in detail the effects of something like this. The Impossible really breaks it down, and even though nothing bloody or gory was happening I found that I couldn't watch it in places because it was so horrifyingly real. If you're at the bottom of your "must watch" list before the Oscars go and see this movie, but if you're on the fence I say wait to rent it. Naomi is great as usual, but nothing that's going to win her an award. But what a beautiful story about family. Happy weekend little apples! 

Beat the Chill

cardigan: Gap, scarf: American Eagle, tunic: Anthro, jeans: Abercrombie, boots: Cole Hahn
What you can't tell in this picture is how cold it is outside! It was a balmy 20 degrees out when I snapped these outfitting pictures, don't let the bright light fool you. So I was all about the sweater cuffed boots, snuggly grandpa cardigan, and scarf to help fight off the frigid air. It was the perfect outfit for a day full of trips in and out of my car. Don't worry I had a jacket on too. The neon colors in my infinity scarf is a wishful nod to warmer days. April, could you like hurry up and get here already? 

Vintage Shopping, Lexington Style

Working at a furniture store, soaking in time at Lexington's new Anthropologie, spending most of my free time on Pinterest, following design blogs, and reading decor books, I get strong urges to create a fabulous space for myself. You know what I'm talking about. Living in your house with character, with a brick fireplace, wood floors, and an abundance of natural light. Perfectly mis-matched throw pillows on your sofa and beds, just the right books and accessories on your coffee table and bookcases, and that fabulous pair of shoes "casually" left at the front door near your adorable dog. I want it all so badly too! The key pieces, of course, are flea market, antique, side of the road finds mixed with stuff from West Elm, Ikea, and Pottery Barn. So on a weekday afternoon, with no big plans, I headed out to scourer the vintage haunts Lexington had to offer; and get to furnishing that dream home of mine.

Scout Antiques, located at 935 Liberty Rd. This place is full of great mid-century and modern pieces. Always changing, the booths or sections are set up nicely, and are reasonably priced.  

Love the chairs, the lines of the sofa, and the vintage globe.

I really like this piece. I think I would leave the hardware and wooden drawers alone and just change the paint on the grey parts of the piece. 
Great splay leg table, I die for the chairs, and a great price at 1,150 (not sure it includes the chairs tho)

Not crazy about the stencil paint job, but the piece itself is totally cool. Perfect for an office, entry way, or media console

A fun little chair that would fit in anywhere

Love this high top wood table with the mix of bar height stools. 

Is it a wine glass display shelf, kitchen storage, office organization?? The possibilities are endless!

Seriously love this 2 drawer piece. Change the knobs, paint it white or grey, and it would be the perfect piece at your front door or behind your sofa. 

The next place I hit up was Cowgirls Attic. 1536 Deleware Ave. They specialize in architectural salvage and antiques. 

These two multi-drawer pieces caught my eye the second I walked in the door. All the drawers are functional, and in this piece  the drawers were super clean. Either could be a great hutch piece in a dining room, or as a work space in a craft room. 

Out back of Cowgirls Attic they have all these fun and colorful pieces for your yard.  

Last but not least I visited Feather Your Nest on 1496 Leestown Rd. I wasn't blown away by a ton of their stuff, but this lawyer's bookcase for around $300 bucks was very tempting. 

Lexington really does have some cool places to find vintage pieces, you just have to be patient enough to sort through the little old ladies' knick-knacks. I need a little more cash in my pocket to be able to pull the trigger on any of these pieces; but I know something equally cool will be out there if these guys are gone. Happy hunting apples!

Right Now

Yeah. I think my picture says it all right about now. 

Lexington Anthropologie

Lovely windows created by a talented staff. Inspiration taken from reptiles and rorschach ink blots 
It's all in the details! (L to R) textural drywall mean to look like wallpaper in the fitting rooms, silk flowers mixed with hand drawn touches, ordinary into extraordinary: leg and table spindles hung from the ceiling to create an amazing display, beautifully designed soap products 
These pictures are some of my favorite parts of the store. The suspended teacups, the hand drawn, hand cut cash register, and the front of the store home concept
The displays will make your jaw drop at every corner. Giant abstract flowers, a house made of unfinished beams,and safari like canopy you'd love to eat a meal under
Display and products you'll be drooling over. PS that bedding is a true sneak peak, it's not even sold online, but the Lex Anthro store has it to sell

I can't express how beautiful and well curated the Lexington Green Anthropologie is. You will find the most excited and helpful staff within the walls, and the product, of course, is beyond beautiful. I hope you've enjoyed the tour around their store and I hope if you're in the Lexington area you'll stop in for a shopping spree!

Flick Picks

With Globes behind us, and SAG and Oscar's looming I am making progress on the nomination list. Zero Dark Thirty got my heart racing this past weekend! This is a pretty recent story to go from headlines to silver screen. Usually when I watch a "based on a true story" movie I have little or no memory of the real event it's based on, but for this, I can remember what was happening in my life when I heard the news of Osama Bin Laden death. Jessica Chastain does a great job in this movie, but she doesn't play your typical heroine. Typically, a main character has a complication, a climax, and a resolution. Her character internalizes everything, that you don't get to experience this normal character arc. In a way it's brilliant, and in another way it's disappointing. Overall, it's an interesting movie and I don't think you'd be disappointed if you saw it.

I hope you guys didn't mind Flick Picks today, because I want to share some sneak peek photos from the new Anthropologie opening. So check back in tomorrow for some eye candy!

Girl of All Work

Girl of All Work makes the cutest line of office and paper goods for the working woman. Of course that woman would have to have a flare for all things whimsical and colorful; exactly why I am oohing and ahhing over ALL of their products. I was drawn to the yellow business card holder (center) at a local bookstore, and after shopping online I recognized some of the page flags that are sold at Anthropologies too. So do your paperwork, and note writing a favor and treat yourself to some of their adorable products!

Early Spring

My j.crew catalog arrived the other day and now I have a bad case of Spring fever. I want to be wearing lighter coats, nude heels, and cropped pants. And while I'm not quite ready to get in a bathing suit, you can't deny the scroll print on their one piece to be stunning. And wouldn't we all like to be somewhere that swimsuit weather is actually possible!? I'm counting down the days until April, or at least when the temperature gets over 50 degrees.

links: field jacket, button up, swimsuit, pants, heels

Count it down

We have now entered the final countdown. To my 30th birthday that is. 

And my 30 Before 30 list still needs some checking off. I'm working on several of them on my own, but there's one only YOU guys can help me with. One of the things I want to accomplish is having 75 followers to this blog. So I'm batting my eyelashes, giving you my best pretty please smile, and asking you to click that 'Join this Site' button over there in the side bar to follow my blog. You won't regret it, I promise.

I want to do a fun give away for my 30th birthday for all the followers of my blog, so if you follow me now before the contest starts you'll get extra entries.

I'm going to say thank you now for all your support, and apologize that the Final Countdown song is in your head now.

Friday Flick Picks

Right now we are in the midst of my favorite time of year: award season. Golden Globes, SAG awards, and the Oscars all have their ceremonies centered around my favorite thing: movies. With all the buzz around many best picture and actor nominations, it heightens my excitement about a lot of great movies in theatres. I'm doing my best to catch as many as I can, so I can make the most informed decision when it comes to filling out my ballot. But more on those types of things when we get closer to the big night. For now I'd like to share what I've been watching lately. I haven't done Flick Picks for a few weeks now, so I have a handful to share.

Three Oscar nominated movies, one documentary, and an indie movie I had been waiting to show up in Redbox. My favorite of these five, hands down, was Django Unchained. Charismatic, funny, suspenseful, well acted, directed, scored; an all around masterpiece. Loved it from start to finish. It's bit on the bloody side (but what Tarantino film isn't?) but so powerful and entertaining. Second to that I would have to say Lincoln. A bit of a surprise for me, because going into it I thought it would be dull and slow. Despite some mediocre performances by other actors in the film Daniel Day Lewis made the film remarkable. I was truly captivated every time he opened his mouth. He is going to win every award for this performance. And just because it needs to be said, Les Miserables was a total bust. Boring, filled with too many closeups, and not as emotional and powerful as musicals tend to be when telling a story. Just know that Anne Hathaway is great; you don't need to sit through a 3 hour movie, you're welcome.
All I can say is get out to the movies this month. It's cold and grey out so a movie is the perfect solution to a boring Saturday afternoon. There are too many great movies out to not see at least one.
On my movie radar: Zero Dark Thirty, The Impossible, Silver Lining's Playbook, and Beasts of the Southern Wild (it's in Redbox)

Sweet Victory!

Join us in celebrating our opening at The Mall at Lexington Green.

One week from today an Anthropologie store will be opening in my fair city. I never thought I would see the day that my favorite store would grace the skyline of the Bluegrass state. (Side note: Lexington doesn't really have a definitive skyline, but it makes my hometown fell more grandeur). I can hardly contain my excitement, but my wallet on the other hand is sweating in nervous anticipation. I'm going to try my very hardest to stick to my resolution of watching my excess spending, and buy only what I need. Or that's just too incredibly cute to pass up. Having access to a store only a few miles from my house will make it easier for me to browse, inspect new arrivals, try on, watch the sales, and be able to make informed, smart, actually needed buys; you know verses the impulse wants. Be sure to check back in with me next Friday and see if I was strong enough to resist a purchase, or what goodies I couldn't live without!

Chalk Paint

Have you guys heard of Chalk Paint? It's created by this woman named Annie Sloan and I think it's becoming a thing. Not chalkboard paint, but it has a similar soft, matte, velvety finish. It can turn any ugly piece of furniture into an antique masterpiece. It's a two step process of the paint and special wax that will stick to almost anything: furniture, metal, walls, and floors; no sanding necessary. And what's great is you can apply and layer the colors and wax in any way you want to achieve a different look.

She has created a variety of colors inspired by 18th and 20th century European design. So you when you repaint that hideous nightstand you picked up at a garage sale for $25 bucks in French Linen, it will look scored at an estate auction.

You've got to watch this tutorial of Annie working with her paint, and tell me you're not convinced. I will say that the brushes she uses are a bit on the expensive side, but my coworker swears by the paint, and she's told me she's had great success without shelling out the big bucks for the brushes. Check out her website for all sorts of tips, pictures, videos, and most importantly where to find it. I definitely want to try the paint out on an Ikea piece for a test run, and then move onto a antique vanity if I can master the technique.
Still not convinced this stuff is awesome? Check out some pieces I found on Pinterest.
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