Friday Flick Plicks

Hey movie apples, I have been patiently waiting (alright, I got a little impatient) for Friday so I could tell you how great my flick pick is for this week: 21 Jump Street. This movie is hilarious. I mean laugh out loud from start to finish funny. And I'm a tough sell at a comedy movie too. I mean things make me laugh, but I want to laugh so hard the people in front of you turn around and give you a look. Oh yeah, that's happened to me. But seriously, I don't think I've laughed this hard at a movie since The Hangover. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum played off each other brilliantly. You wouldn't think Channing could be "the funny one" but he held his own against Jonah. It takes your typical best friend/buddy cop kind of movie to a whole new level.

If you aren't up on the plot of the movie, it's based off an 80's sitcom of two cops who go undercover as high school students to bring down a drug ring. This movie takes it one set further, and sets Jonah and Channing as former classmates that were once total opposites in the popularity hierarchy who become friends through the police academy. Hilarity ensues. So if you're still not ready to face the massive crowds at The Hunger Games movie (I'm giving it another week for the popularity to die down) go see 21 Jump Street instead. Your funny bone will thank you for it.

Floral Denim

clockwise: 7 For All Mankind, Delias, Anthropologie, Madewell
Floral denim is springing up everywhere right now and I can't decide how I feel about them. I just got comfortable with the neon and bright colored hues in pants and denim trend, and now we're throwing prints into the mix? I have to say I'm gravitating more towards the brighter colored versions like Anthro's and the 7's. The less white they look the better I think they read. It gives the floral pattern a chance to stand out where I'm not really sure if I'm looking at flowers or blobs of pastel colors on the white versions. I'm not sure if a pair will make it into my closet for spring but I could be tempted if the right pair crossed my path. How do you guys feel about floral jeans?

New Car Smell

Hyundai Elantra
I can cross another item off my 30 before 30 list, and that is to buy a new car. I realize cars aren't what I, or most other life style bloggers talk about. It doesn't possess the usual cute or girlie factor in things I like to write about. It's not decked out in polka dots, stripes, or accessorized with cute shoes, but it is making me very happy. After the Licorice Whip (yes, I named my old car) died last week and showed no signs of being rehabilitated I knew it was time to find a replacement. I can't tell you what a relief it is to put the key in the ignition and know your car is going to start every time and not sound like it's coming apart at every bump and turn in the road. She doesn't have a name yet but her "official" color is I'm thinking something tropical. I'm open to suggestions.

But I can't share the story of my new car without telling you about an old friend who lives in my cars: A.L.F.
Yes, I am a grown woman with a suction cup A.L.F. doll that lives on the window of my car. A friend of mine gave him to me when I was 12 years old and I thought he was the coolest thing ever. I vowed he would be put in my very first car. He lived on my bathroom mirror until I was given the keys to my very first car, a 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, and true to my word A.L.F. made his way onto the window. With every new vehicle he has made the transfer from window to window. You can tell from the pictures that he is very well loved, and has absorbed his fair share of UV rays. His fur is sun bleached and the material around his nose is brittle and cracked but I couldn't NOT put him in his deserving spot in the new car. He brings a certain quirky uniqueness to your everyday boring automobile.

Happiness at Arhaus

I have a confession to make...I've been keeping a secret from you guys. I have a new job and it's awesome. If you've been following me for awhile you know I moved back to Lexington from Indianapolis last May, and soon after I got a job at an apartment complex as a leasing specialist. The people I work with are great and the property I work for is beautiful, so it's not hard or unpleasant to be at, but I knew in my heart it's not really what I wanted to be doing. So one random day I got on career builder and stumbled upon a listing for a visual merchandiser for Arhaus Furniture. It seemed like the perfect blend of my experience from Anthropologie and my love for design and styling. The interview process was amazing, the store manager and regional manager were really excited to bring me on board, but there was one catch. It was only a part time position. Desperately wanting this creative outlet in my life I was determined to make it work. I mustered up the courage to talk to my manager at the apartments and asked if I could go part time so I could work the remaining time at Arhaus. And she totally went for it! She was so excited for this great opportunity for me even though she hated to be losing me in the office 5 days a week.

But it's been almost 2 months since I've been at Arhaus, and I seriously love it there. I didn't mean to keep it from you guys, but I wanted to make sure it was going to be a good fit before I shared it with the world. I'm only there 3 days a week but every day is totally different than the next and the day is over before I know it. Some days I'm painting, other days unloading new products, or rearranging things in the store when something has sold, or my newly found favorite task: creating floral arrangements! Last week my regional manager took me to a wholesale flower shop in Lexington and we spent the whole day creating floral statements for the whole store. I learned so many little floral tricks...I can't wait for next month when I get to do it all over again!

Using my Instagram app, I snapped a few pics of the arrangements I created for the store.

Missing some Mad-ness

Forget about movies, we've got something else far more important to think about this week: Mad Men. Finally, after it's year plus hiatus AMC's most brilliant show (sorry Walking Dead fans) returns to Sunday nights. And it's 2  hours! Don, Joan, Pete, Peggy, Rodger, and Betty are dressed to the nines and ready to bring the 60's back. My favorite character are Don and Joan. Don for his twisted past, his impulses, and his dry snappy humor. And the man can wear a suit. Joan gets me with her curves, the hair, and her signature pen necklace. Not to mention her impeccable work ethic and determination. Her "delicate" story line was one of many left up in the air at the end of last season, and I'll be interested to see if they pick up the story lines like it was regular break between seasons, or if they'll jump the story ahead farther in time. Either way I'll be glued to the TV at 9pm ready to start the madness all over again. Who else will be joining me?

Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC 

Summer is Early

top and skirt: Anthropologie, shoes: Forever 21
Yesterday, I literally thought it was the month of May, not March. Forget the first day of spring it felt like first day of summer, it was over 80 degrees out! But I couldn't be happier. I've always wanted to live in hot climate place like Florida or Texas so bring on the early heat waves I'll greet them with a smile.

A Different Kind of Birthday

Three years ago, to the day, I made my very first post on little yellow apple. I started, and why I continue to write, this blog is because I love the world of blogging. Forget yoga or bubble baths, my "me" time is catching up on my Google Reader. I love clicking through all the blogs I follow. To read every one's different points of view, images, shops, outfits, design, movies, beauty how-to, and almost any other topic you can think of on a daily basis. To me there is nothing cooler than to have a place to call my very own on the web; to talk about what I love and what inspires me. Over time my blog has slowly evolved into what I want it to be. Finding recurring weekly posts to keep, learning how to take better self portraits of myself for outfitting posts, and honing the skills of how to write in my voice. Everyday I take time to write a post or take pictures for a post it makes me extremely happy. I love being here, and I hope you guys do too.

Happy 3rd Birthday LYA, I'm finding a piece of cake in your honor today! 

Preppy Sunshine

shirt and flats: Old Navy, skirt: Anthropologie, belt: Forever21, earrings: AE
Did everyone have amazing weather gracing their weekends like I did? The sunshine called for the ultimate casual prep outfit yesterday. These bare legs will be happy to welcome in the start of spring this week that's for sure.

Friday Flick Picks (Returns!)

Hello my little movie apples! I know it's been weeks since my last Flick Picks post but after the Oscars there seems to be a terrible period of time where nothing good comes out. I'm hoping to get out and see 21 Jump Street and Wanderlust. So while I've been waiting for good movies to come out, my Netflix's subscription has been getting a good work out. It's been mostly TV shows, but I did catch this:

So stinking cute! I am a sucker for a good documentary and if can bring a tear to my eye too then I'm in love. Sesame Street practically raised me weekday afternoons as a little kid. Grover, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie taught me every thing I needed to know about letters, numbers, and manners. As a kid I don't think I grasped the concept that people actually controlled the characters, I just thought they were magically brought to life and living inside my television. But it was so cool to see the love, passion, and hard work that Kevin Clash, the puppeteer behind Elmo, has for his work. With his type of dedication I can easily see how a child like myself feels like the puppets have really come to life. As a kid himself he had the dream of becoming a puppeteer like the great Jim Henson, and then to end up working alongside him was so heartwarming. It was a great "dreams really do come true" kind of story that really got to me. If you have Netflix I highly suggest watching it. 

I mean, seriously, does it get any cuter than this? Have a great weekend guys!

Illustrative Cuteness

Try to look at these illustrations and not laugh or smile. Impossible I say! Totally by accident I stumbled upon the artist behind these, Matte Stephens, on Pinterest. I am totally in love with Alfred, the scuba diver sporting the awesome mustache, pipe, and trident. You can bet that print is already in my cart over on etsy. Matte is a painter living out Portland, Oregon and has illustrated and created images for some big name company's as well as illustrating children's books. Everything from subject matter to color palette feels like I'm looking at vintage prints from the 60's. Find his prints on his etsy shop and check out more of his work on his site too.

Images: Matte Stephens

New Obsession

I am all about some wrist bling right now. Every where I look people have layers of bangles, beads, chains, and leather bracelets mixed from their hand to their elbow! Perhaps my sudden urge for wanting all this arm candy is the warm weather has my wrists out more than usual. Or that the neon trend I'm loving right now, but not sure if I'm ready to try in on an article of clothing, can gradually be incorporated into my style with an accessory. Whatever the reason I am on the hunt for a trio of bracelets I can wrap my wrists in for spring and summer.

clockwise: bfrend bracelet at Made By Girl, braided leather bracelet at Something Monumental, Pyramid double wrap bracelet at Stella and Dot, Luna wrap bracelet at Stella and Dot, Cara couture leather wrap at Nordstorm

Setting Sun

top: Urban Outfitters, skirt: Anthropologie, shoes: Seychelles
With the first day of Spring just around the corner and "springing" our clocks forward on Sunday means only one thing: longer hours of daylight. Things like getting off work at 6pm and it's still light outside make me extremely happy. Friday was seriously our last day of cold weather and packing my tights away for another 6 months makes me very happy too! Texture is the name of the game in this outfit: chambray, wool, and suede all come together in their blue/grey undertones to pull it all together. Here's to playing in the sunshine everyone!

Dreaming of Headboards

My bed is in need of some serious TLC. In my small bedroom there really isn't any room for a traditional headboard. But that doesn't mean this little apple needs to be sleeping under a blank wall. I've been collecting some ideas to try out that won't add any length to it's existing space or hurt my wallet. So until I have the room and the money for my dream headboard, three words: upholstered, velvet, grey, I think one of these looks is a great substitution. What is your favorite non-traditional headboard look?

Everyone's favorite painting trend: chalkboard! Either in the shape of a headboard or a simple rectangle shape
via Anthropologie
Buying a large canvas and covering it with fabric
Creating a grouping of tissue pom poms above the bed
via Blue Eyed Yonder
A variation on the bunting theme. I could use vintage images or colorful paper to fit my bedroom's color scheme

Or going the fabric banner route with patterned and solid colors.
via The Lovely Cupboard
Finding flea/goodwill/thrift frames, painting them all one color and layering onto of each other for an eclectic look

Guest Blogger: Effortless Anthropologie

Hey guys, check out a guest post I wrote for Effortless Anthropologie today while Roxy is on vacation! It's just a little peek into my Anthro filled closet. Click HERE to see more!

One Down, Twenty-Nine to Go!

So it's been a few weeks since I posted my 30 for 30 list, and I'm proud to say I can cross one of the goals off my list! The hardest part was picking which one to start with. To me, this seemed like the easiest one to tackle. I already had the supplies, and my hands needed something to do while I watched TV. I have to give credit to this youtube video for teaching me though. I had tried several times before to follow written and illustrated directions but could never get the petal fold down. (Which is a very tricky origami folding technique that I am now aware of since watching this video). I folded one along with the video, and then tried folding the other two without any peeking back at the directions. And they turned out great! They stand up on their own and everything. I even made another one last night to see if my brain had retained the directions from 3 days ago and viola! another folded crane.

This small accomplishment has motivated to find my next "30" task to cross off. Follow along with my goals here.

Too Tall?

Being 5'9" I'm already pretty tall. Being in flats or sandals gives me a chance to be close to eye level with my petite friends. When I was younger I felt so awkward walking around in high heels, towering above most of the other girls. I feel like Godzilla attacking the shorter people around me.  But, as I got older and became more confident and comfortable in myself I was proud to show off my height no matter what footwear I sported.

But recently I've been wondering how tall is too tall? There are some shoes I have been coveting; but between the platform and the wedge height, they'll add about 5 inches to my height. That's putting me at 6'2"! And for the record I'm not moonlighting as a model, so my day to day life doesn't involve a runway to strut down.What do you guys think? Am I reverting back to my self-conscious self or should I embrace my gentle giant facade and rock the highest heels I can?

clockwise: Lauren Conrad, Seychelles, Shoe Mint, Target

Spring Time for Movies

So last week we wrapped up the best movies of 2011 with the Oscars. I have to say I enjoyed the show very much. They kept it on time, a good mix of actor moments and montages, and it was good to see Billy back in the hosting spot light again. My ballot didn't turn out too bad either; 19 out of 24. Which is the most I have ever gotten right on award night, but it still only put me at 79% right. If I was in film school I would have been laughed off of campus!  And with the close of one season, we inevitably have the start of a new one. And it is never pretty. There is the crappiest, stupidest assortment of slapped together movies you ever saw come out around this time. It's much too early for Oscar movies as well as fun summer blockbusters. But despite the drought of good movie selection, here are at least three movies I'm looking forward to in March and April.

release dates L to R: Mar 16, Mar 23, Apr. 25
Nine Fridays between March and April and I've got three movies in that collage. Sigh. 21 Jump Street and The Five Year Engagement look to be pretty funny, and not having read any of the Hunger Games books their trailer have me pretty intrigued regardless. What about you guys, what movies are you looking forward to in the next few weeks?

(Oh and don't think I won't be seeing Titanic 3D when it opens on April 4th, but technically I didn't think it counted as a new movie)