Imm Living

I was recently introduced to the cutest line of products made by a company called Imm Living. Based out of Toronto, Imm Living has the most playful line of household and everyday objects. They strive to create products that are "ascetically and functionally appealing, but also loveable." How cute is that? Their ceramic made products are sold in shops all over the US, Canada, and Europe, as well as online. I was pleasantly surprised to see even some Lexington shops stocked some of their items. I will definitely be checking them out to see if any of the above items are being sold there.

I am totally in love with the whiteboard horse ribbons, the container ornaments that you can sew together with a special note inside, and the squirrel with one too many acorns to carry!

You guys should check them out!

Happy Halloween Weekend

Check out all the pumpkins in my life right now! Above is my jack-o-lantern I carved last night, and below are four mini pumpkins my friend painted for me and an heirloom pumpkin serving as my kitchen table's centerpiece. I hope everyones weekend is filled with one last fall hurrah because November will be here before we know it!

7 Happy Things

13, 4, 6
(left to right, top to bottom)
1. This Lexington based restaurant has the most amazing menu! I ate there Thursday and then wanted dinner there every night after
2. I baked a batch of pumpkin spice muffins from scratch over the weekend and sadly only 3 remain
3. After watching and reading about 20 loose curl tutorials I finally realized what the secret is; holding your arm and curling iron over your head (shown in the picture)to make the curls!
4. If I lived in L.A. I would hands down pick these Hello Lucky! cards as my Christmas cards
5. Pretty horses at Keeneland
6. The perfect bag for fall at Fossil
7. The races this weekend

Our First Kitchen Table

I have not eaten at a kitchen table in a place I have lived since I moved out of my parents house 10 years ago. Where have I been eating dinner for the past decade or so? The couch of course! There was a brief period of time in one of my apartments where I had a card table with ONE folding chair in the space where a dining table should have lived. But I think I did more crafts on it than meals.

So now, after a few weeks looking on Craigslist, fifty bucks, and a great diy tutorial later, I am all grown up with my very own kitchen table. I felt like Aaron and I were having an official family dinner after our first meal at the table. Our small kitchen space called for just the perfect sized round pedestal table and the white walls begged for a bright pop of color in that corner. I'm still working on finding 2 more mismatched chairs and finishing decorating our apartment.

The table has an extra leaf to it but with only 2 of us dining most nights, it stays nice and small

It's kind of hard to tell but the pedestal was a dark hunter green

I say this last picture is only the "somewhat" after shot because the chairs aren't finished and neither is the styling of this space. But I was so happy to see it finally coming together that I had to share the progress. I need to take some better pictures when it's completely finished; you can't really see how vibrant the color of the table is because of the direct sunlight coming through the windows.

This photo was the source of my inspiration to paint my table. Everyday Lovely had very easy step by step instructions for this project. Check them out here!

At the Post

(top and skirt:anthropologie, cardigan:forever21, tights:urban outfitters, shoes:aldo)

Not only do the changing leaves, crisp weather, and pumpkins have me in love with the fall, here in my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, it also means horse racing season! Every October marks the 4 week period when some of the most beautiful, and fast, horses graze the farm land around Keeneland's race track. This Saturday I found myself decked out in my most fashionable fall color palete to bet on the ponies and take in the beauty of Lexington. This 70s inspired a-line skirt is the perfect piece for a fall outing. It really was the perfect day at the track because not only was I in great company for the day and the weather was absolutely gorgeous, but I also had an amazing winning ticket on one of the races! 

Simplistic Happiness

Truly nothing makes me happier than watching "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" during the month of October. As soon as it gets close to Halloween, I'm searching the TV guide to find the exact day and time this special is airing. It seriously doesn't feel officially feel like fall or Halloween, for me, without watching this movie. This year it doesn't come on until the 28th (which is a little late for my taste) but luckily my friend has the movie on DVD and let me borrow it. All week I looked forward to when I could find a half hour to devote to Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy, Sally, and sincere pumpkin patches.

Even looking at these stills makes me smile. The red sky, orange pumpkins, a pile of leaves, trick-or-treating, a starry night over a full pumpkin patch...its all so comforting and beautiful. It reminds me of childhood and how it's okay to believe in something just a little bit magical, especially around the holidays.

So, I know this isn't my usual Friday Flick Pick post, but I am saying make some time for this childhood classic; you'll be glad that you did.

I hope everyone has a little bit of fall magic in store for their weekends. xo

Sarah of the Corn

top: HM, scarf: Old Navy, jeans: AG jeans, belt: Anthropologie, boots: Forever21
One of the highlights of my weekend was a trip out to the pumpkin patch. Aaron and I attempted to make our way through the huge corn maze at Kelley Farms but after going in circles for 20 minutes we gave up. But we still had lots of fun soaking up the rest of the fall activities like the hayride and finding the perfect pumpkins for carving. I love this time of year!

I was channeling my inner Terrence Malick al la Days of Heaven while out in the corn fields!

All Bundled Up

I realize this post is a little out of season but Ruche is launching this really awesome Blogger Family Program and is asking bloggers to submit posts for their blog. And to kick the program off, they've asked for submissions for their upcoming holiday guide. So I put on my thinking cap and this is what I came up with for them. I hope it gets the holiday wheels in your heads going and the Ruche family likes it too!

This craft was inspired by my love of warm colorful mittens and my grandmother. When I was a child, she would knit mittens for me with a long chain to wear underneath my jacket so I wouldn’t lose them!

These fun and easy instructions will have your packages bundled up snugly while they wait to be opened this holiday season!
the gift you’re wrapping
wrapping paper
2-3 yards of yarn
decorative piece of scrapbook paper
optional:  ink pad, snowflake stamps, “to” and “from” stamps

1. Wrap your present in whatever wrapping paper you have chosen

2. To measure the amount of yarn you will need for your yarn chain, tie the yarn around the package in whatever way you want it to look at the end. I chose the criss-cross way through the middle of the package

3. Triple the amount of yarn it took to go around the gift; this is how much yarn it will take to make the chain fit around the box

4. To make the chain, follow the instructions in the picture. A-E will show you how to start the first stitch in the chain. Continue to repeat steps a-e until you reach the end of the yarn

5. Steps f-h will show you how to make a knot in the chain when you come to the end. Try to use as much yarn as you can

6. Use your decorative paper to cut out two mitten shapes. Punch two holes closest to the edge opposite the thumb

7. Wrap your gift the same way you did in step 2, this time using your yarn chain

8. When you bring the two ends of your chain to the top of your gift, thread one mitten through each end

9. Tie the ends into a knot or a bow

10. Use the mittens as “to” and “from” tags. Have fun with your stamps or markers to add
snowflakes to the mitten tags or your wrapping paper

Now your gift is all BUNDLED UP!

Friday Flick Picks

My friend Lesalina gave a twitter review that summed up this movie quite well: "Seth Rogen is still hilarious, and cancer still sucks." I wasn't really sure what to expect from this movie. I knew that Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character gets cancer, I guess it didn't click with me that the movie was about someone dealing with cancer. I've never known anyone close to me who had a serious or terminal case of cancer; I can only imagine what seeing this movie for someone who has would feel like. I was a mess by the time the credits rolled! Tears down my face. But Seth Rogen really does make cancer funny. He's the perfect opposite of Levitt's character, and you're just waiting for his next hilarious moment when the camera is on him. Laugh through the tears people! So with only one movie to pick from this week I'm saying go see it, it's a great movie, just bring some Kleenex!

I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend. I am so ready for the weekend to begin. I have a trip to the pumpkin patch in my future, and a diy project I've been itching to start all week. See you back here on Monday my little apples. xo

Black, Blue, and Braided

(top: forever21, skirt: thrifted, belt:anthropologie, necklace:urban outfitters)
Warm weather is still trying to stick around here so this high waisted number was worn sans tights yesterday. Luckily, sunshine was the perfect accessory to this bright blue skirt. However, this bright piece needed some basic neutrals to complement it. I used to think mixing black and brown together just did not look right but I think I'm coming around to it. The 10-day forecast doesn't show colder weather coming back until next week so here's to living it up in the sun!

P.S. Isn't Charlotte a cutie? She loves a photo shoot with her mommy!

Dreaming of Collages

I finally hung some art on the walls of our house this weekend! I can't believe what a difference it makes. It really is starting to feel like people with some taste live here! It took me some time to find all the right frames to make up the collage above the couch in the living room, and finding the energy to do it took some time as well. But they're up there. The only thing left to do is find some fun artwork for the empty frames. Hello etsy wish list...