Friday Flick Picks

My friend Lesalina gave a twitter review that summed up this movie quite well: "Seth Rogen is still hilarious, and cancer still sucks." I wasn't really sure what to expect from this movie. I knew that Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character gets cancer, I guess it didn't click with me that the movie was about someone dealing with cancer. I've never known anyone close to me who had a serious or terminal case of cancer; I can only imagine what seeing this movie for someone who has would feel like. I was a mess by the time the credits rolled! Tears down my face. But Seth Rogen really does make cancer funny. He's the perfect opposite of Levitt's character, and you're just waiting for his next hilarious moment when the camera is on him. Laugh through the tears people! So with only one movie to pick from this week I'm saying go see it, it's a great movie, just bring some Kleenex!

I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend. I am so ready for the weekend to begin. I have a trip to the pumpkin patch in my future, and a diy project I've been itching to start all week. See you back here on Monday my little apples. xo

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  1. my husband and i saw this recently - and he was saying how it was the perfect mixture of sad emotion and laughter. we agreed that it wasn't so sad it made us uncomfortable (though like you, we have yet to have someone close to us deal with cancer) - but it's funny enough to take the edge off so that you are not just crying for two hours straight. i definitely cried at the end. i thought the part where he was in the car by himself at the end and he SCREAMED was so good. it was like all the feeling he'd been wanting to let out the whole time!!