Small Thoughts

I photographed these sweet sunshine yellow tulips outside my parents house yesterday.
Tonight I saw them again, and they were all closed up. Headed to bed early, like all sensible flowers. Seeing them all closed up reminded me of last scene of Adaptation. I swear I could compare everything in my life to something in the movies (I'm such a nerd)!

Just a little happy something for your Thursday.

Spring Breezes

top and boots:Urban Outfitters, skirt: Anthropologie, necklaces: (black) Stella and Dot, (locket) vintage

A warm spring day dared me to bare my pale legs to world. It was worth it, because I couldn't ask for a more perfect Tuesday. Lunch with a friend, a little shopping, reading in the sun, and going for a run topped my day.

Innovation leads to innovation


I don't know if it's because Mad Men is back on TV, but I feel like my brain is getting hooked on advertising campaigns more than ever. I saw this commercial over a week ago, and I am still thinking about it. I have no idea what Arrow Electronics is or what they do, but I am captivated by their ad campaign. The above commercial is their introduction to the "Innovators Club." Their tag line being, five years out. Asking businesses the question: are you being innovative, being future thinking, like many great inventors. It's pretty thought provoking. In addition to their long form, they have several funny 15 second extension commercials as follow ups (below). What about you, what ads are taking hold in your brain?

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The start of Spring means the start of baseball season! It's the one sport I can get behind and actually enjoy and keep up with. So get out your peanuts, your cracker-jacks, and your cutest sideline outfit to enjoy 9 innings of Americana at it's best.

1 earrings
2 floral hat
3 floral baseball tee
4 keep calm baseball tee
5 hot dog toaster
6 pinstripe shorts
7 canvas shoes (seriously thinking about buying these!)

Simple Thoughts

Sorry to have been absent around here this past week. It's just been one of those not much happening, not sure what to write about weeks. I read a quote this weekend on another blog I frequent, "comparison is the thief of joy." I'm sure you've read your share of post from bloggers about wanting to be original, stand out, blog with passion, and do something new and inventive. I'll try not to sound like a broken record here, but I feel like I shouldn't be blogging just to blog. Just because I read a dozen or so amazing blogs, that doesn't mean I need to keep up with them. I don't need to post every day, or do the same thing they're doing. I have to be me. Share good content with you guys when I feel it, when there's something just so awesome that I can't keep it in. So I hope you don't mind I took a few days off and I promise to share more soon! xo