A Feather in Your Cap

Several months ago a girl came into Anthro sporting the cutest pixie hair cut with this tiny feather clipped into her hair. I complimented her on how cool it looked and she surprisingly told me the feather was an extension attached into her hair. She proceeded to tell me she could curl and wash it like real hair as well as remove it and use it again. I was totally impressed but forgot about trying to match her coolness until recently when I stumbled upon the company who makes them-Fine Featherheads!

They come in a variety of colors and each extension comes with feathers in different lengths so if you had short hair you could cut the length off to blend into your natural hair. I realize this look is part hippie part rocker which is totally not my style but for whatever reason I love how they look. I think to ease my toe into this look I'd go for the natural color palette, but the turquoises, pinks, and wintergreens would be fun if you are in the mood for a funkier look.

I think when summer gets into full swing I will be rocking this look. If you're ready to sport it now check out Fine Featherhead's site and add some feathers to your cart!

Natural color palette

Friday Flick Picks

As Rebecca Black puts it, so poetically I might add, it's Friday; and Friday means Flick Picks around this little blog. With re-adjusting to non-tropical weather, unpacking and laundry, and getting back into work, there hasn't been much time for movie watching. I've only caught one since last Friday so this post is more like a review than a pick.

March 18th-March 25th

My boyfriend and I saw this movie while in Florida. The sweet daughter of the friends we stayed with shared her favorite "before bed time" movie and we both really liked it. The cast of Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Kristin Wiig, and Julie Andrews, voiced the main characters of the movie and I applaud all of them for not using their normal speaking voices we're used to hearing. It's a pretty basic plot:  a mastermind thief finds 3 little girls to help pull off a major heist when he finds himself having a change of heart and becoming a father to the orphans. We laughed out loud more than we thought so I'm going to say give it a try if you're open to an animated flick.

I still haven't made it out to the theatre yet but I feel a trip coming up soon! Have a good weekend my little apples. xo!

Let There Be Light

Usually when I'm at work, colorful dishes, interesting containers, and unique found furniture pieces are the home items that catch my eye. Though recently I'm discovering all of Anthro's amazing lighting pieces. The Ring of Light lamp was recently displayed in our store, which started the mini obsession I'm having right now. So I went online to read more about it and one click led to another and suddenly I have a handful of favorites. I knew I had to share them with you guys too. The best part is they show how it looks during the day and lit up at night. Genius!

Ring of Light Lamp

Menlo Lamp

Hippity-Hop Lamp

Secret Silhouette Shade

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry Chandelier

Tea Time Chandelier (this is simply gorgeous!)

7 Happy Things

Thanks to all the positive support to my 7 Things post last week; it looks like it's here to stay! Thank you so much you guys. I hope you like this week's just as much.

Fish Tail and Palm Trees

Like all good vacations, mine had to come to an end yesterday. I came home with a little color, feeling very well rested and relaxed, and ready to get back into my regular routine. Even though I loved Florida's weather and that care-free feeling of vacation, nothing beats coming home. In celebration of our first week of Spring, bright colors are definitely in order for this outfitting post. These oranges and turquoises will keep the memory of 80 degree weather in my heart until Indiana temperatures catch up!
Anthropologie tank top, JCrew 5" shorts, lillyella earring, impo sandals, OPI Austin-tatious turquoise nails

Friday Flick Picks

Flick Picks are back! I am so sorry for my lack of a post last Friday but I hadn't watched any movies last week!  Then, work caught up with me and I forgot to give you guys a substitute post in my movie watching absence. This week I caught some early 2000 movies on our premium movie channels. I watched these mostly out of habit; both movies are ones I've seen many, many times before. But when I have nothing else to do and I want something on in the background, old movies are comforting to me.

March 12th-March 18th

2002's Dragonfly and 2001's Ocean's Eleven. My pick for the week is definitely going to be Ocean's Eleven. I am a total sucker for a bank robber/heist movie and I will see anything with Brad Pitt. Throw in about a dozen more great actors with great comedic timing you've got a great movie on your hands. I'm not even going to suggest seeing it if you never watched it before; I'm going to say re-watch this great Vegas heist with an amazing cast.

If you're looking for a new movie to see over the weekend, here are some movies I'm really hoping to catch in the theatres: Rango, Limitless, and The Lincoln Lawyer. Have a great weekend everyone!

A New Look

Hello my little apples; how does this Saint Patricks Day find you? I find myself enjoying some late morning sun in beautiful West Palm Beach this week. I can't tell you how good of a mood this sunshine and warm weather is putting me in. Something else putting me in an extremely good spirits today is my new header!

What do you guys think? It was designed by the super creative and talented Katie Runnels of The Constant Gatherer. Katie is an amazing artist with a very successful etsy shopblog, and website. I'm sure you've seen her do contributing spots on other great blogs such as Decor8, Design Sponge, and Poppytalk.  She is also the co-founder of the shopSCAD store. I was lucky enough to work along side her during the holidays at Anthropologie and I am so glad we've become friends since then. I love everything about the new look and her and I are putting our heads together for some other little design elements here at LYA so keep your eyes pealed.

I'm off to go enjoy some more vacation sun but I'll be back tomorrow with Friday Flick Picks. I'll leave you with some fun hipstamatic prints I took from our day of flying yesterday. Love you guys!

7 Happy Things

Today I'm starting a new weekly post. I'm not sure it will always be on Tuesdays but I want to share a handful of things that make me smile throughout my week with you guys. I hope you like my first 7, and maybe one of them is making you happy too.

Below the Ankles

With the slight raise in temperature around here, and a Spring Break getaway to Florida in my near future, it has me dreaming of colorful shoes. Here are some that have my toes smiling.

links: 1. delia's 2. D&G 3. sperry 4. lily pulitzer 5. BP 6. BP

Salt Air

Some of you all are aware of the love affair I have with scrapbooking and scrapbooking paper and if you aren't, then let's just say I buy scrapbook paper for events that haven't even happened in my life yet! Is anyone else that kind of scrapbook shopper? That you do things or go to places in your real life so you can use scrapbook paper you bought months ago that correspond with that place or event? I'm getting better at not buying every single sheet of cute sheet of paper but recently I had to give in.

Cosmo Cricket, one of my favorite scarpbook company's, came out with a super cute Summer line called "Salt Air." Aqua, turquoise, coral, blush pink, and yellow make up the color scheme and the theme is very nautical beach: the perfect combination for this little apple! The best part of Cosmo's collections is their two sided borders page and an elements page. Both are filled with a mix of vintage images, journal tags, cute beach characters and patterned accents that add a unique look to your pages.

Check this nautical cuteness out. I can't wait to scrap some beach outings this Summer!

Book Review: Modern Vintage Style

The very talented interior stylist and author, Emily Chalmers, has just published a new book that I am in love with called Modern Vintage Style. If you are someone who collects and decorates with vintage pieces than this book is a must for your bookshelf. Broken into two parts, Emily first showcases great examples of vintage furniture, lighting, textiles, and displays. Then, she shows you how to work these vintage pieces into your home and decorating style so your home life has a wonderful modern vintage feel to it. Modern Vintage Style is really a great resource for inspiration and Emily encourages the reader to have fun with their pieces and collections you want to display in your home. That there are no rules; just trusting your instincts and tastes you'll create the perfect balance of old and new in your home.

This book, as well as her many other wonderful titles of work, can be found in her online shop Caravan, Amazon.com, or at Anthropologie (where I first saw this colorful cover).

Below is a sneak peak at a few pages from my copy; but you really must get one for yourself to drink in all great work of Emily Chalmers, photographer Debi Treloar and writer Ali Hanan did on this book. Enjoy!

All images by: Debi Treloar and words by Ali Hanan

Anthro Model for a Day

I have some amazing photos to share with you guys today. Some of my beautiful co-workers and I got to pretend we were models for a day. Kelly Kruthaupt, an intern at our store, was studying fashion merchandising, and for her final project she wanted to do a photo shoot capturing us in our own unique Anthropologie style.

Kelly asked us to answer a series of questions about ourselves and from the answers she came up with storyboard concept for each one of our shoots, keeping in mind the things we love and what inspires and surrounds our lives. Inspiration ranged from music and fashion to being a new mommy and Parisian lifestyle. Part of my inspiration was drawn from vintage cameras. Combining my love for old collectibles and photography.

Enjoy looking at the beautiful pictures Kelly Kruthaupt styled and shot with our hair done by Crystal Lewis and our makeup done by Cake N Champagne.





My Hipstamatic Print

I had to share some "hip" pictures of my puppy from the weekend with you guys. She always brings a smile to my face.

Effects going clockwise starting at the top left:
1, 3, 4: Johns S, film: Ina's 1935, flash: off
2: Bettie XL, film: Ina's 1969, flash: off

Mardi Gras Inspiration

Today's post is for one of my closest friends who is celebrating her first Mardi Gras as a New Orleans resident tomorrow. I have come to learn from her that there isn't just one night of celebration for this NOLA holiday; parades, festivities, and parties have been happening weeks before Fat Tuesday ever comes around. So in honor of her big night of fun or for anyone else having a Mardi Gras themed party tomorrow, I put together a style board of outfitting for the night. Sequin and sparkled purples, greens, and golds were naturally the colors to turn to for inspiration. I know how hot and muggy the nights can get there so short hemlines and loose tank tops were a must as well as flat shoes or sandals for all the walking you're going to be doing up and down the French Quarter. I also didn't forget to include the must have accessory of the night: beads, a mask, and a tote bag or a "throw bag" as the locals call it is a must, so you have a place to stash all stuff people throw to you from the floats.

Friday Flick Picks

Hello everyone! I hope you guys had a good week and you're counting down the moments till your fabulous weekend begins. Let's get to the flicks, shall we?

The movie world is in what I like to call a "transition phase."  All the great movies just came out for Oscar consideration and Summer blockbusters won't start coming out until May so we have a wide variety of odd, not so good looking films hitting theatres every week. So that means our Netflix and old favorites on the HBO channels are getting a workout.

February 26th-March 4th

I re-watched Fantastic Mr. Fox and Crazy Heart. I really like both of these movies. FMF is so charming and has this great dry humor about it and Crazy Heart has such a touching, sad story and beautiful music. But my recommended pick for the week is going to have to be Crazy Heart. I'm a sucker for great acting and Jeff Bridges has the Oscar to prove it from this film. The music is beautiful and so is the Southwest cinematography.  You've also got Colin Farrell rocking a Texas accent and a ponytail; it really doesn't get much better than that.

All right friends, that's my pick for the week. Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday!

Bethenny Bluefly

So last night I gave in and watched Bethenny Ever After on Bravo. I admit I've had my love/hate relationship with the whole Housewife series, especially New York, but Bethenny Frankel's drive for her career and the branding of herself and Skinnygirl is inspirational. The shtick and personality are a little too much to take at times, but that's why I DVR it and I can fast forward through her crazy spells. I did however slow down the DVR fast enough to catch her super cute Bluefly Closet Confession commercial. I love the abbreviated version with the text intermixed, but the long version can be found here, and it's pretty funny. Let's just say it contains imitations of the other NYC housewives. Confess:  who else watched? What did you think?

Desert Jackets

I want to highlight an item I've been seeing at work, Anthropologie, that I am loving and would have never given a second look before. I am calling it a desert jacket (or perhaps field jacket is more common name for it) but I can just picture these jackets being thrown on to shield yourself from the harsh sandy winds or the chilly nights a desert can bring. They all have the similar structural elements to them: drawstring waist or hem, front pockets, rolled sleeve tabs, and in neutral color pallets. Belted or open, hooded or popped collar, I can definitely see myself keeping an eye on these jackets and adding one to my closet before I miss out!

I am particularly liking this one. It's made from tencel fabric which is so buttery soft and lightweight and drapes beautifully on. It looks quite fussy zipped up like in the picture with the collar and flaps but unzipped and paired with a cotton dress or tank and shorts it adds some edginess to an everyday summer look.

Check out some possible outfitting combinations featuring each of my "desert" jacket favs:

images: Anthropologie