Desert Jackets

I want to highlight an item I've been seeing at work, Anthropologie, that I am loving and would have never given a second look before. I am calling it a desert jacket (or perhaps field jacket is more common name for it) but I can just picture these jackets being thrown on to shield yourself from the harsh sandy winds or the chilly nights a desert can bring. They all have the similar structural elements to them: drawstring waist or hem, front pockets, rolled sleeve tabs, and in neutral color pallets. Belted or open, hooded or popped collar, I can definitely see myself keeping an eye on these jackets and adding one to my closet before I miss out!

I am particularly liking this one. It's made from tencel fabric which is so buttery soft and lightweight and drapes beautifully on. It looks quite fussy zipped up like in the picture with the collar and flaps but unzipped and paired with a cotton dress or tank and shorts it adds some edginess to an everyday summer look.

Check out some possible outfitting combinations featuring each of my "desert" jacket favs:

images: Anthropologie


  1. fantastic recap! totally want so many of those for my own closet. esp that emerald dress.
    happy weekend
    manvi @ mochatini

  2. It's so hard not to want everything from their store. That emerald dress is now on sale though... :)

  3. what is the name of the rust colored jacket?