Friday Flick Picks

As Rebecca Black puts it, so poetically I might add, it's Friday; and Friday means Flick Picks around this little blog. With re-adjusting to non-tropical weather, unpacking and laundry, and getting back into work, there hasn't been much time for movie watching. I've only caught one since last Friday so this post is more like a review than a pick.

March 18th-March 25th

My boyfriend and I saw this movie while in Florida. The sweet daughter of the friends we stayed with shared her favorite "before bed time" movie and we both really liked it. The cast of Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Kristin Wiig, and Julie Andrews, voiced the main characters of the movie and I applaud all of them for not using their normal speaking voices we're used to hearing. It's a pretty basic plot:  a mastermind thief finds 3 little girls to help pull off a major heist when he finds himself having a change of heart and becoming a father to the orphans. We laughed out loud more than we thought so I'm going to say give it a try if you're open to an animated flick.

I still haven't made it out to the theatre yet but I feel a trip coming up soon! Have a good weekend my little apples. xo!

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  1. best movie ever. have you seen how to train your dragon?? i recommend it!!!