Richard Schultz

This week I have the pleasure of being in Indianapolis assisting a friend on a photo shoot. Being on this job has exposed me to the work of their photographer Richard Schultz. These are a few of my favorites images from his portfolio. He has an amazing ability to pull such genuine and real moments out of his subjects. I look forward to seeing the final images from our shoot this week.

images: Richard Schultz Photography

Magic Hour

dress Anthropologie, cardigan Target, belt Forever21, necklace vintage
A little outfitting fun on my parent's porch and front yard this past weekend. The perfect cardi sun dress combo on a chilly evening as the sun went down. I always call it the magic hour because on summer nights it feels like anything could happen when the light is so perfect at sunset.

Urban Accessories

I had to share a few items on my wish list at Urban Outfitters that I am loving right now. Dare I treat myself??

Friday Flick Picks

Hello my little movie watchers, how are you? I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself for getting out to the theatre so much these past few weeks. As much as I love being snuggled up on the couch with my man and my dog watching a movie; nothing beats sitting in a darken theatre seeing a movie for the very first time. So this week, I got out to see Midnight in Paris on Saturday, and then stayed in to watch some DVDs on Sunday. If you caught my post earlier in the week gushing about the fashions in Midnight in Paris, you'll know why I'm making it my pick of the week. Not only do they have some amazing shots of the city of lights as it is today, but they take you back in time to Paris in the 20's. It's like something out of a painting. The costumes, the set, the rainy lamp lit's all breath taking. And Owen Wilson's take on the Woody Allen persona is hilarious.

And I can already tell you my streak of watching movies in the theatre will continue into next week because Tree of Life is finally coming to Lexington! So expect my full report next week. How about you guys, are you accomplishing any long awaited plans over the weekend?

Summer, Sparkler, and S'mores. Oh my!

I had the most amazing time with my closest friends this past weekend. It was the perfect summer celebration. We had pizzas made on the grill, swam, sat under the stars, made s'mores in the fire, and danced around with sparklers. It was the perfect precursor to the long summer nights to come. Happy First Day of Summer you guys!

Parisian Fashion

Over the weekend I saw Woody Allen's newest movie, Midnight in Paris. Not only did I love the movie, I loved the costumes of the two leading ladies: Rachel McAdams and Marion Cotillard. Sonia Grande once again works her costume design magic in this film. Previously working with Allen on Vicky Cristina Barcelona (another favorite of mine), she has a great talent for making the simplest pieces make big statements about the character who is wearing them. Rachel's character, Ines, was living in the present and her vacation wear spoke of a woman who comes from privilege and wealth, and appreciates clothing that comes across casual and chic. Many of her clothing came from lines of Chanel, Dior, and Hermes. She was a portrait of simplicity and style and I wanted every single dress she wore in this movie!

Marion's character, Adriana, lived in the world of the 1920's. Her wardrobe was tres flapper-chic; romantic, feminine, and a little bit sultry at times. She embodied everything you'd want from a muse to artists and writers. Feathers, beads, and hair pieces all added to her sparkling personality. I definitely recommend watching this movie, for the fashion if nothing else. You won't be disappointed!

sources: the hollywood reporter, fanpop, i'm not obssessed

Happy Birthday Aaron!

To the man who brings a smile to my face everyday and fills my heart with so much love; Happy Birthday. You are the silliest, funniest, most loving person I know. I am so lucky to have you as my boyfriend and my best friend. I love you.

Flick Picks on a Saturday

As promised, I am here today to make up for the absence of Flick Picks on Friday. I had an interesting double feature last week. During the day I saw The Cave of Forgotten Dreams in 3D, and later that evening I saw Super 8 at the drive in. I have to say both were amazing experiences. The Cave of Forgotten Dreams is a French documentary about Chauvet Cave in France that contains the earliest known cave paintings. I know what you're thinking, a movie about caves, in 3D, and it's a documentary? Please wake me when it's over. But seriously it was very captivating. This was only my second time watching a movie in 3D, and I have to say when used in the right context, the medium is quite remarkable. I really felt like I was in the cave. The drawings seems so fresh and alive. Super 8 on the other hand felt like the snapshot of a perfect summer. My boyfriend and I went with two of our closest friends; sitting under the stars, huddled under blankets, eating Reese's Pieces while watching a Spielberg movie is what these warm evenings are all about. This is a tough one to call but I'm going to say Super 8. I won't subject you all to a movie about caves only for you to be disappointed, but if you are at all interested in the movie after reading this  post than I encourage you to go.

Thanks for being here with me on a Saturday guys. We'll talk soon!

Bookcase Instructions

Nothing makes me happier than a well-styled bookcase. When looking through decor blogs and magazines, I find myself drawn to the bookcases. This is mostly because I'm in awe of how someone could make stacked books and small objects look like a piece of art. I would desperately rearrange my bookshelf in our old apartment trying different groupings and never being satisfied. I organized it once by color, the next time by size, and then again by subject matter. I could never get it right.

But I think my troubles are over. Yesterday, thanks to a great tweet by Emily Henderson (a stylist with great secrets!), I stumbled upon help to turn my jumbled bookcase into a thing of beauty. Kate, from Centsational Girl, has broken down all sorts of things to think about, and adjustments to make to your bookcase to instantly turn it around. When we finally move into a new apartment and I get to decorating, I will no longer feel intimated by styling my bookcase thanks to Kate. You must check out this article, and be sure to click on all the extra links she included in it too. You'll be happy you did.

images: Lonny Magazine, The Art of Doing Stuff

7 Happy Things

Phew! They finally made it up. Sorry again for the delay in my post. Thanks for being so patient!

images: (top to bottom) shoes, painting, chair

Cupcakes are Heaven

One of the little things in life I love is lunch with a friend. It makes it even better if that friend is one you don't get to see very often. My oldest and dearest friend Michelle is in town for the week from New Orleans. We hit up two of our favorite Lexington eateries: Puccini's, for pizza, and Caramanda's, across the street, for cupcakes. It's so good to have her in town!

Picture an Outfit

Fruity Fashion

Fruity Fashion details: shoes, skirt, tank

Friday Flick Picks

Let's wrap this Friday up with some flick picks! Not as many movies as last week, but the pool called my name quite a bit this week so I had to sacrifice some movie watching instead. I am sad to report that I do not recommend watching Hangover 2. I know, I know, I read all the reviews that the critics hated it too, I just thought somehow they were watching the wrong movie. But the did not, and neither did I. Save your time and watch the first one, it's so much better. If you caught my post from Wednesday you know why Tangled was such an easy pick for me this week. Such a sweet story and the animation is out of this world. It's funny and cute, and if you secretly think you're a Disney princess like me than it's a perfect film for you. Have a good weekend guys!

6 Month Check In

Six months and ten days ago I made a list of New Year resolutions to incorporate more pattern into my wardrobe. And after finally getting my Summer clothes put away and organized, temporarily at my parents house, I am happy to see that solids no longer dominate my clothing options! I know it's so easy to just pick a solid colored top or skirt thinking it will go with everything but before you know it every outfit looks color blocked. Which is fine and very in right now, but if you're like me it's starts to feel very boring after awhile. It makes the fashion lover in me very happy to see myself mixing two patterns together even! Watch out world Sarah's got stripes on the bottom and floral prints on the top. Here's a peek at some of my growing patterned collection.

skirts: (clockwise) oldnavy, anthro, urban outfitters, h&M, made by my friend

top row: anthro, bottom row: (r to l) urban outfitters, zara

dress: forever21
Other resolutions on the list that I can cross off:
-figure out where me and my boyfriend will live come May- Lexington!
-declutter our apartment-Done! Before we moved we had a yard sale, sold furniture on Craig's List, and donated a bunch of stuff to Goodwill
-drink more water and less soda- Thanks to the little beauty below I drink so much more water. I don't know what it is about this Rubbermaid bottle but I like it so much better than a regular water bottle or glass.

What about you guys, any resolutions you can cross off your list?


Yesterday, to pass part of the afternoon, I watched one of Disney's latest animated creations: Tangled. Being a sucker for anything Disney, I of course loved it but what really captivated me was the artwork shown in the movie. To give you a quickie overview, Rapunzel is locked in a tower and, to pass the time, she has painted the inside walls of her tower. Beautiful scenes of wildlife, woodland creatures, and Rapunzel twirling and spinning in her yards of hair, cover everything from floor to ceiling. The artist behind the artwork is Claire Keane. She is the daughter of famous animator Glen Keane, who did illustrative work on such classics as The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast (just to name a few). I love the use of such bright colors and how her work has this magical feel to it. I can almost see her characters come to life.

The above picture is a reproduction she did of my favorite part of the movie. It is of paper lanterns illuminating the night sky in celebration of Rapunzel's birthday. You can check out her blog to see more of her work, and I definitely recommend you watch Tangled to see more too!

(images: Disney Artists, Claire on a Cloud)

Tiny Prints

Have you ever made cards at If you're like me and you love all things paper and stationery, and still love sending mail, then you have to check out their site. All of their cards can be personalized with your own photos and text. Or if you're not a professional photographer they have the cutest variety of cards without photos too. The ladder being my preference since I'm such a sucker for creative graphic designs. TinyPrints will definitely be my new place for all my card shopping. Their large variety, great prices, and the ability to add in your own message and names into the card, show your recipient you put more thought into it than just dashing to the store for a last minute card. These are few of my favorite; perfect for the upcoming summer card giving occasions. And be sure to check out more at their site too!

Life is Short...

Seeing this commercial this morning really made me laugh, and the tag line felt like the perfect motivator to get me outside everyday I can during these hot months. Life is short, Summer is shorter! Enjoy the weekend guys.

Friday Flick Picks

Lots of leading funny ladies in the films for the most part this week. I saw Bridesmaids over the weekend and I have to say I was a little disappointed. Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Jon Hamm, in a cameo, all gave hilarious performances that really makes the movie; but it gets a little too 30-something woman melt down in the middle that really drags the whole thing down. I also finally got around to seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and really, really liked that too. I was a bit skeptical about splitting up the last book into two parts, but they did the smart thing. Nothing was rushed and it sets up for the big finale in part 2. But my pick of the week has to be African Queen. Another movie I saw at the Kentucky Theatre during their summer classic revival series. The dry, witty humor Bogie and Katherine were known for keeps you entertained from start to finish. It really is the perfect movie for summer because it has a little bit of everything: action, adventure, humor, and romance. A definite watch for any movie nut.

This weekend I hope to see more new movies. Hangover 2, Pirates 4, and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold are on my "must see" radar. What about you guys; what are you wanting to see this weekend?

Get Away in Style

BHLDN's newest line of honeymoon "get away" dresses. I'm loving every single one, and realizing how much I need some vintage luggage pieces in my life too! Check out their whole collection here.

7 Happy Things

three day weekend totally messed my days up. Simultaneously this morning I thought it was Wednesday and Friday. News flash, it's neither! But that mean I missed 7 things yesterday, so I got my images ready for today instead. Enjoy!

(from top to bottom: alice in wonderland print, shorts, metal of honor)