Flick Picks on a Saturday

As promised, I am here today to make up for the absence of Flick Picks on Friday. I had an interesting double feature last week. During the day I saw The Cave of Forgotten Dreams in 3D, and later that evening I saw Super 8 at the drive in. I have to say both were amazing experiences. The Cave of Forgotten Dreams is a French documentary about Chauvet Cave in France that contains the earliest known cave paintings. I know what you're thinking, a movie about caves, in 3D, and it's a documentary? Please wake me when it's over. But seriously it was very captivating. This was only my second time watching a movie in 3D, and I have to say when used in the right context, the medium is quite remarkable. I really felt like I was in the cave. The drawings seems so fresh and alive. Super 8 on the other hand felt like the snapshot of a perfect summer. My boyfriend and I went with two of our closest friends; sitting under the stars, huddled under blankets, eating Reese's Pieces while watching a Spielberg movie is what these warm evenings are all about. This is a tough one to call but I'm going to say Super 8. I won't subject you all to a movie about caves only for you to be disappointed, but if you are at all interested in the movie after reading this  post than I encourage you to go.

Thanks for being here with me on a Saturday guys. We'll talk soon!

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