Dreaming of Headboards

My bed is in need of some serious TLC. In my small bedroom there really isn't any room for a traditional headboard. But that doesn't mean this little apple needs to be sleeping under a blank wall. I've been collecting some ideas to try out that won't add any length to it's existing space or hurt my wallet. So until I have the room and the money for my dream headboard, three words: upholstered, velvet, grey, I think one of these looks is a great substitution. What is your favorite non-traditional headboard look?

Everyone's favorite painting trend: chalkboard! Either in the shape of a headboard or a simple rectangle shape
via Anthropologie
Buying a large canvas and covering it with fabric
Creating a grouping of tissue pom poms above the bed
via Blue Eyed Yonder
A variation on the bunting theme. I could use vintage images or colorful paper to fit my bedroom's color scheme

Or going the fabric banner route with patterned and solid colors.
via The Lovely Cupboard
Finding flea/goodwill/thrift frames, painting them all one color and layering onto of each other for an eclectic look

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  1. Hi!

    I know this is an older post but I hope this still helps!

    Get a board of wood and foam or batting, tufting buttons and fabric of your choice and DIY your own headboard! Pinterest has some great ideas! You can hang it on the wall behind your bed!