Spring Time for Movies

So last week we wrapped up the best movies of 2011 with the Oscars. I have to say I enjoyed the show very much. They kept it on time, a good mix of actor moments and montages, and it was good to see Billy back in the hosting spot light again. My ballot didn't turn out too bad either; 19 out of 24. Which is the most I have ever gotten right on award night, but it still only put me at 79% right. If I was in film school I would have been laughed off of campus!  And with the close of one season, we inevitably have the start of a new one. And it is never pretty. There is the crappiest, stupidest assortment of slapped together movies you ever saw come out around this time. It's much too early for Oscar movies as well as fun summer blockbusters. But despite the drought of good movie selection, here are at least three movies I'm looking forward to in March and April.

release dates L to R: Mar 16, Mar 23, Apr. 25
Nine Fridays between March and April and I've got three movies in that collage. Sigh. 21 Jump Street and The Five Year Engagement look to be pretty funny, and not having read any of the Hunger Games books their trailer have me pretty intrigued regardless. What about you guys, what movies are you looking forward to in the next few weeks?

(Oh and don't think I won't be seeing Titanic 3D when it opens on April 4th, but technically I didn't think it counted as a new movie)

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