Hats off!

I am love with that wonderful mix of vintage European and 50's style. I guess that comes from watching too much Mad Men and old foreign movies. Right now hats have caught my eye and I am falling in love with hatter Rehn Dudukgian creator and founder of Bijou Van Ness.

She creates these beautiful one of a kind hats made from silks, crystals, and vintage brooches. She's inspired by her travels all over the world and her keen eye on what made particular eras of fashion over the years. she is quoted by saying she is sick of the little black dress, she says it needs to be accompanied by "a little something more."

Bijou's philosophy is: A hat is the ultimate sign of class, poise and the fervor of a forgotten generation of ever confident females. When you see a woman in a beautiful hat, you know she's not afraid to be seen.

With hat's like hers you knows she's not afraid to let that happen and frankly, I wish I was brave enough to try it myself!

Name That Dress Winner!

First of all I'd really like to thank everyone who commented, tweeted, and blogged on my first contest. It really make me smile to see an 8 next to the comment section of this post.

As luck would have it the dress finally made it onto Anthropologie's website yesterday so I thought their name of the dress would be a good gauge to pick our winner.

I won't keep you in suspense any longer... Congratulations: Autumn!!!!

Her entry was Equestrian Accolades and the name Anthro came up with was Highest Accolades.

Thank you again for playing and I hope to come up with another fun contest sometime soon.

If you're in love with this dress now, check it out here.

*Note: This contest is in no way associated with Anthropologie. I received nothing for blogging about this dress or holding this contest.

The top of my Christmas list

My boyfriend emailed me the best link last week and I can't wait to share it with you guys. I really just had to stop squealing about it long enough to put a coherent sentence together.

He knows my love of nesting dolls and he knows my favorite show on TV is The Golden Girls; so anything that combines two of my obsessions is a gold star in my book. Hence, he shared Golden Girl Nesting dolls with me!

Oh no, I'll wait til you stop squealing too.

So basically this is the coolest thing I've since, like, ever, and I love my boyfriend even more for getting my tastes exactly. I told him if I didn't see these under my Christmas tree this year I'd be one sad little girl.

They are made by this fabulous Mississippi painter Ginger Williams-Cook. She has recently been bowled over by the success of this particular set of nesting dolls, and has created several other groupings of dolls such as Saved by the Bell, Steele Magnolias, and Sex and the City. She has put her etsy store on hiatus while doing an exhibition but promises to have them back in her shop in November. So get them on your Christmas list and we'll count down the days together!

Name That Dress Giveaway!

I am giving you the opportunity to name an Anthropologie dress, not in an official capacity of course, just for some creative fun here on Little Yellow Apple.

If you don't know already I am actually an employee of Anthropologie. I have the "horrible" task of being surrounded and tempted by lovely items of clothing all day long 5 days a week. The other day we received a new dress that caught my eye and the more and more I walked by it, the more and more I found myself really liking it and itching to try it on. So before I totally lose control of my spending reigns I went to find it online to read any possible reviews. I come to find out the dress isn't online (yet). Who knows what the reason is, this isn't the first time I've seen it happen, but I thought we could turn this mystery into a fun opportunity to Name That Dress and win a $25 dollar gift card to Anthropologie!

Every single item Anthro sells, from dresses to underwear, has a name. Examples include: chromatic canvas shirtdress, higgledy piggledy pencil skirt, and through the sycamore set bra and panties...get the idea?

*submit your name for the dress in the comments section

*tweet or blog about the contest and include the link in the comment section and earn yourself a second submission

*check back in next Thursday August 26th at 6pm and I'll announce the winner

This is the dress we are going to name:

(navy silk strapless dress with a sweet heart neckline and a repeat horse ribbons and trophy pattern...with pockets!)

Black Swan

As a movie nut I am super pumped about several films coming out this season, but nothing gets me more excited when a possible Oscar contender stars my favorite actress. None other than Natalie Portman starring in Darren Aronofsky's 'Black Swan.'

The poster is freakishly cool and the trailer is so dark and enticing. Check it out HERE!

Hard to believe, but shoes are bumming me out!

I am totally bummed right now. I have been on the search for a cute pair of oxfords for this fall, (don't worry I'm still in love with these) so I tracked down 2 pairs of shoes at Nordstorms that I've been drooling over and both were a big let down!

The flats, the 8.5 was too tight, 9 too big, and the heels, super gorgeous design of the shoe, but just didn't look right from my view point. You know what I mean? They might look super cute on the shelf, but when you get them on your feet and you're looking down at them...they just didn't look right. No worries though I'm still on the hunt!

Inspiration: Delphine Seyrig

Yesterday I watched French movie of The Last Year at Marienbad (Criterion Collection version). Although I thought the movie was down right terrible the movie's main character Delphine Seyrig was enough to keep me from turning it off about 20 minutes in. Her dark perfectly swooped bangs, strong brow and elegant profile had me so captivated. Not only was she a international actress of over 30 years she also directed several films and used her celebrity status to promote women's rights.

As of this movie I'm working on my cat eye eyeliner tricks and getting all my bangs to swoop to one side in honor of Delphine. I mean something good had to come out of the 90 minutes I had to sit through!

Some funny for your day

I came across this video yesterday that I have to share with you. Just a little something silly to perk up your, perhaps, average Tuesday. How can you go wrong with Barbie and cameras? Enjoy!

Canon 7D vs. Barbie Video Girl from Brandon Bloch on Vimeo.