Name That Dress Giveaway!

I am giving you the opportunity to name an Anthropologie dress, not in an official capacity of course, just for some creative fun here on Little Yellow Apple.

If you don't know already I am actually an employee of Anthropologie. I have the "horrible" task of being surrounded and tempted by lovely items of clothing all day long 5 days a week. The other day we received a new dress that caught my eye and the more and more I walked by it, the more and more I found myself really liking it and itching to try it on. So before I totally lose control of my spending reigns I went to find it online to read any possible reviews. I come to find out the dress isn't online (yet). Who knows what the reason is, this isn't the first time I've seen it happen, but I thought we could turn this mystery into a fun opportunity to Name That Dress and win a $25 dollar gift card to Anthropologie!

Every single item Anthro sells, from dresses to underwear, has a name. Examples include: chromatic canvas shirtdress, higgledy piggledy pencil skirt, and through the sycamore set bra and panties...get the idea?

*submit your name for the dress in the comments section

*tweet or blog about the contest and include the link in the comment section and earn yourself a second submission

*check back in next Thursday August 26th at 6pm and I'll announce the winner

This is the dress we are going to name:

(navy silk strapless dress with a sweet heart neckline and a repeat horse ribbons and trophy pattern...with pockets!)


  1. "Best in Show" or if a second guess is allowed how about the Stevie Wonder song "Ribbon in the Sky"?! great idea- and ps LOVE your blog my dear ;)

  2. How about the name "and-the-winner-is"
    I retweeted @rwarddesign! Love Anthropologie. It was my last blog post topic (

  3. dear BYW friend, I just tweeted your post
    ishtarolivera btw here's the link to a very nice giveaway!

    This dress is very nice! perhaps I would name it

  4. county fair is the name I would pick
    Thanks,hope I win!

  5. What a fun blog post...I am just as obsessed with this dress as you are!!! My name for the dress is:

    Tripe Crown Derby Dress

    have a great weekend,

  6. I would name it "Equestrian Accolades" which is just a prettier way of saying Horse Awards. ;)

    Tweeted this giveaway-



    Here are my submissions:

    1. "Barbero's Legacy Dress"
    2. "The Highest Decorations Dress"

    <3 Kasey