Hats off!

I am love with that wonderful mix of vintage European and 50's style. I guess that comes from watching too much Mad Men and old foreign movies. Right now hats have caught my eye and I am falling in love with hatter Rehn Dudukgian creator and founder of Bijou Van Ness.

She creates these beautiful one of a kind hats made from silks, crystals, and vintage brooches. She's inspired by her travels all over the world and her keen eye on what made particular eras of fashion over the years. she is quoted by saying she is sick of the little black dress, she says it needs to be accompanied by "a little something more."

Bijou's philosophy is: A hat is the ultimate sign of class, poise and the fervor of a forgotten generation of ever confident females. When you see a woman in a beautiful hat, you know she's not afraid to be seen.

With hat's like hers you knows she's not afraid to let that happen and frankly, I wish I was brave enough to try it myself!

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