Friday Flick Picks

Being the Disney aficionado that I am you guys know I couldn't pass up seeing Brave last week! It won't become my favorite Pixar movie, but very cute nonetheless. I was pleasantly surprised at the plot too. From the trailers I assumed it was your typical girl to Princess identity struggle, but it turned out to be this sweet look at a mother and daughter's relationship. So if you ever thought your mom didn't "understand" you then you probably tear up during the movie. The animation is incredibly realistic; you'll wish you lived in an Irish castle and had fiery red curly hair.

Layers for Summer

I realize with temperatures around 90 degrees everyday wearing a sweater or layers seems crazy. I'm kinda sweating just thinking about it, but I love everything about this look from JCrew right now. An easy button up, quirky sweater and a fun color pair of pants scream Sarah.

A Dress of Jonquils

dress and belt: Anthropologie, shoes: Steve Madden, bracelet: Stella and Dot

Just because I haven't been documenting my outfits lately doesn't mean I've been running around town sans-cute outfits! Taking pictures by yourself gets a little frustrating at times, so I'm glad my iphone and instagram make it a little easier to share. I love this dress by the way, the perfect mix of color and pattern mixing all in one easy piece.

Friday Flick Picks

First off I need to say I am sorry for not being a better blogger right now. I was super proud of myself for posting so diligently a few weeks ago, and now I'm lucky if I get 3 posts up in a week. Which I realize that is the beauty of having my own blog, I can post and not post when I want to, but I feel like I'm being a bad hostess to you guys. And my Southern personality just can not allow that! So starting Monday I hope to be back to my regular posting ways.

On another note, I finally saw The Five Year Engagement. In theatres no less! The discount theatre, but it still counts. This movie was another home run for Jason Segal in the writing department. He has this great ability to tap into the life of a couple and how they really operate. What keeps them together and what drives them apart. It never feels like your watching a typical Rom-Com because there's nothing corny or overly cheesy about it. And of course Jason is hilarious and entertaining to watch as always, but Chris Pratt and Alison Brie have some comical moments that steal the spotlight. If it's still hanging around a movie theatre where you are I say check it out, if not give it a few more weeks and make it a Redbox night. You'll laugh and then you'll want a donut after (just watch the movie and you'll understand).

Have a great weekend everyone! xo

Tying the Knot

I realize that us women already have the market cornered on great accessories, but can't we have just one more? I absolutely love men's ties. Their color, and patterns kill me. They're like a little pop of fun to a men's outfit and I'm jealous. Look how effortlessly these ladies are rocking the menswear look, and I swear when fall comes around I am buying a tie and wearing it! I think what's holding me back is I'm lacking the perfect button down so once I find one, watch out tie world, Sarah is coming for you. I think the guys can share.

Summer Litmus Test

top: Anthropologie, shorts: JCrew, shoes: Kohls
You know it's summer can wear neon orange shorts and espadrilles to run around on your day off. They also make for the perfect ensemble for any other day of the week for that matter, but you get the idea. As much as I like to make my summer uniform a cute sun dress and a pair of flat sandals, shorts and heels might win as a go to option for me this year. That's a battle I'd like to see my closet get into: my love of JCrew shorts over Anthro dresses.

Friday Flick Picks

I am a huge Zach Braff fan. Like many, I fell head over heals in love with Garden State, but I was also a huge supporter of Scrubs. A totally underrated show; and if I wasn't laughing hysterically at J.D. and Turk then I was crying my eyes out about the sick patients in the hospital. It doesn't hurt that I think he's kind of cute either. This movie came out in 2010 and I'm sad to say that I'm just now getting around to watching it. I was completely surprised to see it on Netflix instant too. The movie is so bittersweet, sad, honest, and simple. It is a very good movie, and if you don't mind French subtitles and a smoking, scruffy face Braff than you will happy you gave it a watch.

On another note, new movies are coming out that I REALLY want to see! Rock of Ages, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Magic Mike, and Brave (just to name a few) and hopefully Moonrise Kingdom and To Rome with Love will have wide releases to my small city too!

Marking 'Em Off

Two items crossed off the 30 Before 30 list recently! I found pretty plates that I'm very happy to eat off of, and I read a classic book. The plates are from Anthropologie (surprise I know), but I got them on sale, so total score. I love the little scalloped red edge and cheerful blue and yellow flowers. The book, as read by most high school students, somehow escaped me. I can't say that I fell in love with it; perhaps if I was a teenager reading it for the first time I could relate more to Holden Caulfield, but it feels good to finish it.

How It's Made

Arhaus Dining Video from Arhaus Furniture on Vimeo.

You never saw more beautiful how it's made videos than these two by Arhaus. I'm surrounded by their beautiful furniture all day, but never realized how much detail and care is put into their American made products. Follow the link below to watch another on how one of my favorite sofas comes together too. Enjoy! 

Click here to watch them make the Club sofa

Friday Flick Picks

Slowly but surely my movie watching schedule is getting back on track. Nothing yet at the theatre, but I'm being patient. Summer movie goodness comes to those who wait. This week it was a Redbox and Netflix Insatnt keeping me going.

I'm not going to waste much time talking about In Time because it wasn't very good. The performances were a little flat and it dragged in places; but for an uneventful Friday night it did the trick. Conan O'Brien's Can't Stop documentary on the other hand was awesome! You guys know my love for documentaries, and this one was so funny and entertaining. I don't watch much late night TV, but when I do Conan is by far my favorite. He has this goofy side I can relate to, and he looks like he's genuinely having a good time on his show. The documentary follows the time NBC, very rudely gave him the boot, and before he started his show on TBS. He decided to put together a variety/comedy act and take it on tour. It was just so cool to see his work ethic and how determined he was to succeed and please everyone. You will laugh and enjoy. I highly recommend it.

Drive-In Magic

I have summer, movies, popcorn, and warm, starry nights on the brain right now. Summer just makes my heart happy. Whether I'm eating on a patio or going for an evening run, I get excited to know I'm outside soaking up all the magicalness of summer. Yes, I just made up a word about summer it's that awesome.

Google Doodle made my little heart happy yesterday when it featured a video of said summer movie magic. It depicted the opening of the very first drive-in movie theatre in 1933. Total cuteness! We have a great drive-in near Lexington, and I try to see at least one movie there over the summer. Something fun like Dark Night or Rock of Ages would be the perfect flick to catch from the tailgate.

Love of the Movies

No new movies for me this week, but I thought I'd still keep the theme of movies going for Friday.

I love a good keepsake. Programs, birthday cards, hand written notes, I save them all, and movie theatre tickets are no exceptions. I love to keep them. I've frantically searched through pockets and purses to find the proof of my attendance before. Over the years of scrapbooking I've set aside a page in each album dedicated to movie stubs. I wanted a good way to display them and reminisce about movies I saw that year. I feel like a proud collector when I see them all pictured together like this. I love the idea of books like this for ticket stubs, but I feel like it's more for concerts. I wish there was one geared more towards movies where you could write in the director, cast, theatre, and movie reviews. What about you guys, do you like to save your movie stubs?