Love of the Movies

No new movies for me this week, but I thought I'd still keep the theme of movies going for Friday.

I love a good keepsake. Programs, birthday cards, hand written notes, I save them all, and movie theatre tickets are no exceptions. I love to keep them. I've frantically searched through pockets and purses to find the proof of my attendance before. Over the years of scrapbooking I've set aside a page in each album dedicated to movie stubs. I wanted a good way to display them and reminisce about movies I saw that year. I feel like a proud collector when I see them all pictured together like this. I love the idea of books like this for ticket stubs, but I feel like it's more for concerts. I wish there was one geared more towards movies where you could write in the director, cast, theatre, and movie reviews. What about you guys, do you like to save your movie stubs?

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