Life's too short. I'm not

I have been wrapped up in the world of Wicked and Kristin Chenoweth lately.

I've been reading Kristin's new biography "A Little Bit Wicked: Life, Love and Faith in Stages" and I find myself looking up old pictures of her online, listening to my Wicked soundtrack and her Let Yourself Go album.

I've always thought she was just the cutest little thing. But after reading her book I never knew just what a genuine sweet person she is, and how grounded her life is in her faith. Totally not your typical "theatre diva." She has the voice of a diva, but she seems like a famous person that would actually give you the time of day and be sincere about it.

Listen and watch her sing, dance and act into your heart, while I see if I can find a Wicked tour coming to my city any time soon!

Thank you...

"Thank you for being a friend.
Traveled down the road, and down again.
Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant."

Bea Arthur died yesterday peacefully in her sleep due to cancer. When Estelle Getty died last summer it made me very sad, and now that I've lost another member of one of my all time favorite TV show, makes me even sadder. I've recently re-started watching old episodes of the Golden Girls on the Hallmark channel and on Thursday I watched a good one about Dorthy. Where she tries to fufill her high school goal of being an entertainer; and the whole reason she takes the risk of getting up in front of people is because a high school friend died and she found a list of things she wanted accomplish before she died. Life is precious, live everyday like it might be your last.

She was one of the original queens of comedy and I will have a slice of cheesecake in her memory.

Pussycat, you'll never be forgotten!

This American Life

This American Life is a weekly talk radio show out of Chicago hosted by Ira Glass. It recently became a show on Showtime too. And if you think talk radio is for older generations (like I did) this particular show will change your mind; because Ira Glass is a radio broadcasting genius!

I used to get Showtime for free a few years ago, and when an entertainment blog I read started giving it such great reviews I went to check it out. The episodes usually start with a little 3-4 minute vignette, about some random topic, but then found a great way to wind the vignette into the main theme of their episode. Since my free subscription of Showtime only lasted a year, I only ever got to see season 1 of This American Life, but I do listen to the podcasts every once in awhile and it helps take the edge off of not getting to see the show anymore.

The best "opener" I ever saw to This American Life came out of season 2, and I only saw the posted video on youtube, so I don't actually know what the rest of the episode was about, but after watching the video aren't you intrigued to watch more? I love how the cartoons are drawn in this video, and just the hilarity of the story told through them.

If you have Showtime, I highly recommend you check it out, or if you have an ipod you can buy the seasons, or subscribe to the podcast.

"You have a son, and he's in the toilet"

The funniest quote I've heard in a long time.

Last night I was trying to find something interesting to watch after American Idol was over, and all I could find was a show on TLC called (something like) "I was pregnant and didn' t know it." I ended up watching it because I find those stories fascinating. The women that are like I never knew I was pregnant until I ended up having the baby on the bathroom floor. I just don't believe it. How could you not know? I mean how could all the hundreds of people you run into in a 10 month period not one person suggest it, or a doctor or something??? It's hilarious thought.

One of the "surprised" mothers was retelling her in labor story, and it started out like the woman was at the hospital for something else, started having all these pains went to the bathroom, continued to be in all this pain, birthed the baby over the toilet. Now the woman did not know she just gave birth, she must have been in too much pain, the nurses rush in, help her back to the bed, fish the baby out of the toilet and the woman retelling the camera, says "the nurses put me back in the bed and said you have a son, and he's in the toilet."


I mean have you ever heard a funnier sentence????? It's like how did he get in there? When did I have a son? SO hilarious. It cracked me up and I had to share.

Stay away from the show though, it's seriously disturbing, and the re-enactments remind me of that Rescue 911 show from the 90's. the toliet....hehehehe

Ode to the cameo

The cameo is the perfect little accessory that instantly gives you and your outfit that extra bit of class and elegance. When I was a kid poking through my mom's jewelry box I came across a cameo brooch with a coral background and a white silhouette; I thought it was the prettiest there; I mean besides the giant hot pink clip on earrings that were in there too.

I own 2 necklaces, and a brooch, and am always on the look out for more, so I love to see the traditional female silhouette cameo featured on non traditional items. I found this cute little array of pictures on a site called tasteful entertaining, but I've seen some of these items featured on the snippet and ink site too(one of the cutest, and inspiring wedding ideas website).

Celebrity Couples

I love a good celebrity couple. Not necessarily the ones where the names get pushed together and the media gets in a frenzy over their relationship, but the ones that the public kind of leaves alone and pictures of the two of them crop up occasionally. Those are the ones I like to cheer on and hope that the media and Hollywood doesn't destroy.

My first fav celeb couple: Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. I bought into the rumors that they broke up awhile back, but after seeing some recent paparazzi pics of them surface today I was way pumped that they're still together.

Second celeb couple: Beyonce and Jay Z. This is like a music royalty couple. I think they're so cute together. They've just been together for a long time, and I hardly ever hear bad news about their relationship, they're just cute and I look forward to many of their songs featuring each other's musical talents.

Third Fav celeb couple: Brad and Angie. Yes I know, so cliche to like the 2 of them together. They're just so cute together! Everyone is probably sick of them, but I hope they turn out to be one of those couples that stay together forever without getting married like Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins (another couple I lurve) and just have a million kids and change the world. (this is my favorite pictures of them with baby Shilo)

The Entertainment of an Infomercial...

You have to check out these two fabulous inventions that I have just learned about from watching an infomercial. I have to say that I have been growing tired of my current hair styles so I will for sure be buying these ASAP! I mean I have several important events to be attending this summer and I want my hair to be talked about it.

Let me show you the magical items that will soon be filling my mailbox-

1. The Bumpit- yes that's right girls add some volume to your hair with this little beauty. People will never know (because you know your hair will cover the whole clip beautifully)!

2. The EZ Comb, because you need to throw out your claws and put this bejeweled number in your hair instead.

So, feel free to order some too and we can enjoy our fun new hair-dos together!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Hope your day is filled with yummy Peeps, Cadbury eggs, and colorful eggs.

Cartoon Cuteness

Thanks to and youtube I have discovered these cute little characters. They come from Nick Jr and they star in these really funny little shorts.

I wish I could put a video link directly into this post, but they've restricted the embeded code, so check out my favorite here, and then watch some more to brighten your day.


Big News!

I have some very exciting news to share: I have a website!

I have been waiting for the day that my little business- Sarah Wertz Photography could have it's very own place on the world wide web. I let out a little squeel of joy everytime I go to it.

One day I want to make being a photographer my full time job, because I believe everyone should be doing what they love most in life, so I hope my website will be the start of something great for me.

If you have a minute visit my site and keep me in mind if you ever need someone to capture fun and beautiful pictures of you and your loved ones!

Click HERE!

Let's Go to the Movies...

A review, a preview, and a movie moment come to life:

Review- Last night I watched the movie Elegy, with Penelope Cruz and Ben Kingsley. I believe I saw the trailer for this movie when going to see Vicky Christina Barcelona and it looked like a good movie. After watching VCB I was even more convinced that I wanted to see more Penelope movies.
So thanks to Netflixs I watched it on my couch instead. Well let me just say, thank god I didn't see it in the movie theatre because it would have been a waste of money! What a crappy movie. It was so s-l-o-w and their relationship wasn't very believable, and it was just not the great movie I thought it would be. So if you were thinking about watching it, skip it.

Preview- Yesterday, the trailer for Bruno was up! Sacha Baron Cohen is brilliant. He is an amazing character actor and I can't believe he was able to fool everyone again. I can't wait to see who will sue him this time. If you're over 17 (because the film right now is still rated NC-17) go check out the trailer.

Real life movie moment- You know the scene in the movie Unfaithful where Diane Lane is out shopping for party stuff, and it's really windy, and she falls and all her stuff is blown everywhere, and frantically tries to pick it all up? That was me this morning. I was trying to put some stuff in my car and and before I could lay it down on the seat the wind caught about 6 pieces of paper I needed for work and blew them into this empty lot across the street from where I was parked. I had to dodge some cars and run around a muddy wet grassy lot picking up papers out of puddles. Not fun!

Music videos are back!

I have been getting up earlier these past few mornings to take care of my dog, and with my extra time I've taken to watching some TV while I enjoy my bowl of cereal, and I am shocked to report they are playing videos on MTV!!!

I know MTV usually has videos on in the morning, but I thought they stopped that. Was I wrong? Either way what's cool about it now is that they're playing new ones AND old ones! I'm finding it harder to get my butt off the couch to finish getting ready because I don't want to miss one.
This morning I saw:

Kelly Clarkson- Since You've Been Gone
Beyonce- "Halo"
No Doubt- "It's My Life"
The Ting Tings- "That's Not My Name" (which is a dumb name for a band, and an even crappier song)
Run DMC- "It's Tricky"
and some Mariah Carey's new I think, because I just caught the end and it was directed by her hubby Nick

I mean what a line up. It's really making my mornings a bit more enjoyable. So if you're up around the time I am, which is between 8 and 8:30 you can rock out to some MTV!