Music videos are back!

I have been getting up earlier these past few mornings to take care of my dog, and with my extra time I've taken to watching some TV while I enjoy my bowl of cereal, and I am shocked to report they are playing videos on MTV!!!

I know MTV usually has videos on in the morning, but I thought they stopped that. Was I wrong? Either way what's cool about it now is that they're playing new ones AND old ones! I'm finding it harder to get my butt off the couch to finish getting ready because I don't want to miss one.
This morning I saw:

Kelly Clarkson- Since You've Been Gone
Beyonce- "Halo"
No Doubt- "It's My Life"
The Ting Tings- "That's Not My Name" (which is a dumb name for a band, and an even crappier song)
Run DMC- "It's Tricky"
and some Mariah Carey's new I think, because I just caught the end and it was directed by her hubby Nick

I mean what a line up. It's really making my mornings a bit more enjoyable. So if you're up around the time I am, which is between 8 and 8:30 you can rock out to some MTV!

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