The Entertainment of an Infomercial...

You have to check out these two fabulous inventions that I have just learned about from watching an infomercial. I have to say that I have been growing tired of my current hair styles so I will for sure be buying these ASAP! I mean I have several important events to be attending this summer and I want my hair to be talked about it.

Let me show you the magical items that will soon be filling my mailbox-

1. The Bumpit- yes that's right girls add some volume to your hair with this little beauty. People will never know (because you know your hair will cover the whole clip beautifully)!

2. The EZ Comb, because you need to throw out your claws and put this bejeweled number in your hair instead.

So, feel free to order some too and we can enjoy our fun new hair-dos together!

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