Life's too short. I'm not

I have been wrapped up in the world of Wicked and Kristin Chenoweth lately.

I've been reading Kristin's new biography "A Little Bit Wicked: Life, Love and Faith in Stages" and I find myself looking up old pictures of her online, listening to my Wicked soundtrack and her Let Yourself Go album.

I've always thought she was just the cutest little thing. But after reading her book I never knew just what a genuine sweet person she is, and how grounded her life is in her faith. Totally not your typical "theatre diva." She has the voice of a diva, but she seems like a famous person that would actually give you the time of day and be sincere about it.

Listen and watch her sing, dance and act into your heart, while I see if I can find a Wicked tour coming to my city any time soon!

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