This American Life

This American Life is a weekly talk radio show out of Chicago hosted by Ira Glass. It recently became a show on Showtime too. And if you think talk radio is for older generations (like I did) this particular show will change your mind; because Ira Glass is a radio broadcasting genius!

I used to get Showtime for free a few years ago, and when an entertainment blog I read started giving it such great reviews I went to check it out. The episodes usually start with a little 3-4 minute vignette, about some random topic, but then found a great way to wind the vignette into the main theme of their episode. Since my free subscription of Showtime only lasted a year, I only ever got to see season 1 of This American Life, but I do listen to the podcasts every once in awhile and it helps take the edge off of not getting to see the show anymore.

The best "opener" I ever saw to This American Life came out of season 2, and I only saw the posted video on youtube, so I don't actually know what the rest of the episode was about, but after watching the video aren't you intrigued to watch more? I love how the cartoons are drawn in this video, and just the hilarity of the story told through them.

If you have Showtime, I highly recommend you check it out, or if you have an ipod you can buy the seasons, or subscribe to the podcast.

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  1. I knew this video would make it on your blog eventually, lol.