How you met my top 5 episodes

One of my all time favorite TV shows, How I Met Your Mother, is drawing to a close at the end of this month. Nine seasons, of the sweetest, funniest, detailed, flashback-est, story of 5 friends, and one in particular of how he met his wife. I have never looked forward to Mondays more than during the run of this show. I know it will be a bittersweet moment when the hour long series finale rolls the credits for the last time. Lucky for me I have all the prior seasons on DVD, and can visit with Lily, Marshall, Ted, Robin, and Barney whenever I need comfort. So, in honor of their show drawing to close I share with you my top 5 episodes.

1. 'Showdown'

You can't get any better than Barney on the Price is Right. The look on his face when he hits the $1.00 mark on the big wheel is priceless!
"I gaze upon the glory of The Price is Right, and I see the face of America, and it is divine. Plus, you know, hot girls on sports cars."

2. 'Slap Bet'

The introduction of Robin Sparkles. Enough said.
"The 80s didn't come to Canada 'til, like, 1993."

3. Intervention

The use of the flashbacks and series of events strung out over time crammed together in one episode occurs frequently on this show. A particular good example of that is in this episode. Sometimes comedy comes in 3's, in this episode it proves it can come in 5's.
"You always pronounce things in the most pretentious way possible, and it makes you sound douchy, and not "douchay."

4. 'How Your Mother Met Me'

Not only does HIMYM do comedy extremely well, they know how to pull off serious and touching episodes too. This one left a lump in my throat. After 9 years of hearing about the woman Ted would marry it was so sweet to finally see how their paths would cross. Everything about the mother character is endearing, and hearing her lovely voice sing La Vie En Rose, was the cherry on top.
"...that performance, that first night I ever heard her sing, that one will always be my favorite."

5. Naked Man

This one always gets me. Adam Paul's character, Mitch, aka Naked Man, really makes this one a classic. I quote a lot of movie and television dialogue in my day to day life, and this episode in particular has a few I use on a regular basis.
"Mr. Wang's is back in business?!"

And an honorable mention of a great HIMYM episode, is 'Swarley' because you almost never see old Swarlz get that upset.

Sweet as Audrey

During Sunday's night red carpet coverage something on TV caught my eye, and it wasn't Lupita Nyong'o's stunning red carpet look. A chocolate commercial starring my cinematic hero: Audrey Hepburn. Being gone for more than 20 years you can imagine my shock watching Audrey working her magic along the Mediterranean coast line. Thanks to the powers of computer generated images, and two identical models who bear a strong resemblance to Ms. Hepburn, she can live again. Utterly charming, adorable, and has me yearning for a polka dot shirtdress, I have fallen in love with Audrey all over again.

The commercial:

Masion Jules

Have you guys seen this new collection at Macy's called Maison Jules? I just discovered it last week, and my inner French girl is jumping for joy over their pieces. Inspired by Parisian street style, you've got subtle patterns, muted colors mixed with bright pops of pinks and oranges, on relaxed hems and fits. 

I mean how much do I want to be this little French brunette at the sidewalk cafe? Just sipping coffee, checking my phone, while I sit adorably in my wedge oxfords, plum skinnies, and quirky sweater with oversized glasses stitched on it? 

I must have tried on a dozen items, and really loved how they've mixed cute with casual; which is my style to a tee. You can look really pulled together for just errands or perfectly styled for casual date night. 
The pieces are reasonably priced, and Macy's typically has some sort of sale going on, so you could really find some deals. There are several things I'm eyeing right now, that navy blazer with the ruffle especially, and you can bet I'll be saving my Euros to get a few pieces for Spring. 

images via: Macy's and Teen Vogue 

Birchwood House

Just a little peek into my house...
We moved into this converted cape cod with all sorts of charm in late sumer of 2013. Slowly but surely I've been repainting, styling, (and then re-styling) and purchasing items for our little house ever since. I'm hoping to kick the projects that have been sitting on my "to-do" list into high gear this Spring and then I can share more before and after pictures with you. 

The dining room. Hoping to swap out the table and chairs for something better very soon! 

My collection of vintage apothecary items sit on a shelf in the downstairs bathroom.

Small corner in the living room. My prized decoupage trophy heads over look my brass trunk and chartreuse Jonathan Adler lamp.

Happy Valentines Day!

May your hearts be filled with love!

Something to Sing About

Diamonds and cowls. All they can do, is offer you, their warmth. (Name that tune! I'm totally goofy I know)

Dress: Anthropologie, heels: Miz Mooz, scarf: Ann Taylor

Lemons and Tangerines

A citrus color kind of day.

book: Dottie Angel, jeans: American Eagle, top: Anthropologie, booties: Aldo shoes, cardigan: Forever 21

A Bit of Celebrating

Due to the fact my hand is still adjusting to the slight increase of weight it has to carry around, there will not be an outfit post today. Instead, gaze upon the token of love my boyfriend recently proposed to me with. I may never get anything productive done ever again. I can't take my eyes off how beautiful it is. I'm also at an 11 on the happiness meter. So lucky to have this man in my life. 

Never a Shortage

My closet drowns in grays and navys; in the best possible way that is.

boots: Old Navy, clutch: vintage, top: Urban Outfitters, skirt: Target 

A Warm Blanket

When it's just too cold out find the item in your wardrobe that most likely resembles a warm blanket 

vest:H&M, top:jcrew, shoes:Old Navy, scarf:American Eagle, iphone case: society 6, earrings:lillyella, jeans:AG Stevies

Nerdy Girl

A black velvet blazer calls for rose gold accessories and nerdy-girl chic framed glasses

top:Anthropologie, watch:Aeropostale, boots:Urban Outfitters, jeans:AG, blazer:Anthropologie, necklace:Stella and Dot

Army Green

Dressing down a smart pencil skirt with a cotton henley and polka dot tights

wedges: Aldo, top: Target, necklace + skirt + tights: Anthropologie, bracelet: Stella and Dot

Bear-y Cold

My Q&A a day journal asks, "What makes 'you' you?" Answer: my quirky sense of style

leggings: Target, boots: Necessary Clothing, sweater: Target, dress: Anthropologie 

Camo and Plaid

Staying warm means layering plaid button ups with cable knit sweaters

sweater: Forever 21, button up: Gap, boots: Urban Outfitters, pants: Aeropostale

Hello 2014

Hello indeed, Besides being a little late about welcoming in the new year, it is February after all, but I'm also a little late in my keeping up with you my dear readers.

So with that, it's time for a change. The time away from blogging has a given me a rejuvenation about content on the blog, as well as other creative endeavors I want to begin

Please excuse the odd layout of the moment too. LYA is getting a facelift as part of the fresh start, but I was too excited to be sharing with you guys again that I'm posting despite the re-design.

I hope my readers are still out there, and with my new determination I hope we will get to welcome more of you guys around here soon. Here's to 2014 my little apples!