October Weekend

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No flick picks this week because I haven't watched any movies! I know, can you believe it? Hopefully there's a movie or two in my future this weekend. Moneyball and Lion King 3D are high on my radar. I hope the first weekend of October has fun fall activities in store for you. I could definitely see a little white pumpkin like the one above gracing my front porch! xo

A Cool World for Photos

dear photograph

Photography never ceases to amaze me. When I went to college to study photography I was very naive about what I thought a photo could be. I figured you picked up a camera, created a beautiful image, developed it, stuck it on a wall, and it was art. I never thought a photo could be anything more than that. As I got older, and the digital world started to evolve, blogs, google, online photo sharing websites, facebook, and pinterest, all became places where you could expose yourself to more. I am constantly learning and seeing new photoshop tricks, lighting techniques, and posing styles from all over the web.

And the ideas people have! I know it's both good and bad the amount of exposure the internet can have on a good idea. One person has an amazing idea or image, and within a day it has made its way around the internet and this one little thing has turned into a phenomenon. But it's inspiring to see how one person's story or image can encourage others to do the same. It's like collaboratively we are creating art together. That's how I feel about the images in this post. The technique or ideas used on these photographs have spread like wild fire and I love it!

Ben Heine's photographs combine pencil drawings with colorful photographs

halfway between a movie and a photograph, Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, created the cinemagraph movement

Irina Werning's photography proudly displays people recreating old photographs of themselves

dear photograph created a great site where people can share photos with images of the past inserted into the current scenery

I feel inspired to dig up some old pictures and to read up on the "how to" behind the cinemagraphs and create some new art of my own. What about you guys? Have you created any of these types of photos for yourself? I'd love to see the results!

In the hue of blue, please

Just a quick little snapshot of my shoes and tights this morning. So far, these blue tights might be the smartest buy of my fall wardrobe. 

(shoes: miz mooz, similar here, tights: urban outfitters)

Summer in the Fall

While we in the Northern hemisphere are celebrating the beginning of fall and winter, those down under are saying hello to spring and summer. New Zealand designer Katie-Maree Cole's soft colors and feminine silhouettes for her 2012 collection have me wanting to skip ahead a few months on the calendar! Peter Pan collars, bright orange, and leopard prints? Sign me up!

House Wish List

Hey guys; how was everyone's weekend? Aaron's mom came to town for the weekend and we had so much hanging out and catching up to do. She was officially our first house guest so it was a mad scramble to get our house presentable. We're still in that awkward not completely decorated or unpacked phase. We also moved into a bigger place than our Indianapolis apartment so we have a lot of furniture buying in our future. Needless to say it was clean but sparse. But the great thing about moms is they're happier to see you than your place. It did get me thinking I need to kick my decorating into high gear. Here are some of the items on my wish list...

arc lamp, movie camera, rug, lamp base, lampshade, print, chair, curtain

Happy Fall

To celebrate the official start of Fall today I did a roundup of some pretty pictures from my pinterest account. Let's all raise our glass of hot cider to pumpkins, colorful leaves, chunky sweaters, crisp nights, apple orchards, and Halloween. Have an amazing weekend guys!

Friday Flick Picks

I'm a little short on the movie watching because I've been glued to all the new TV shows this week!(And my fantasy TV league is looking pretty good because there were some stinkers in there!) I caught Drive on Saturday afternoon and Dr. Strangelove last night.

The pick of the week is going to Drive. I'm sorry to say it's the better of two not so hot movies though. Ryan Gosling is a solid actor, I have really started to come around to him, and he really commits to his character, but the tone of the movie is all wrong. They overplay the little things, introduce characters and plot lines that are unnecessary, and try to make a hero out of someone who's not. And any movie with Albert Brooks I have a hard time watching because I can't stop picturing him as the voice of Nemo's dad!

And all I can say about Dr. Strangelove is it was too strange for me. It's sort of funny, sort of ridiculous, sort of boring. Only watch it if you're trying to check it off your "classic movies I must see" list.

Man, it feels good to have your friends back

How I Met Your Mother is, by far, my favorite show on TV. The only thing that makes my Mondays wonderful is the fact that when I get home I'm only 2 hours away from being in the company of 5 amazing friends, who also happen to be hilarious. I own all 5 seasons on DVD and am anxiously awaiting season 6's release this Tuesday. And when new episodes aren't airing there's a good chance I'm re-watching old episodes to keep me company. Heck, I even went as Robin Sparkles one year for Halloween! (One person knew who I was and it was a personal victory for me. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, watch this video, and have a good laugh).

I can't help feeling attached to the actors and the real lives they lead, and the lives of the characters they play on the show. I love that Jason Segel has a new Muppet movie coming out, that Alyson decided she was going to be in another American Pie movie, that Cobie looked amazing on the red carpet at the Emmy's this year, and for what ever reason agreed to be apart of the pointless "Emmy-tones," that Josh Radnor directed and starred in his first movie this summer, and that NPH...well is there anything that man can't pull off? Not to pick favorites of my best friends or anything but don't tell the others that he's my #1.

Needless to say the 1 hour season premiere of HIMYM had me very excited. In my opinion it's the best sitcom on TV and you need to be watching it. It will be LEGEN, wait for it, DARY!

How I Miss You

There are only a handful of things I miss from Indianapolis, my old city of residence. Don't confuse that with people though. There are many, many friends I think about and miss daily (and for those friends reading this, I want to come for a visit soon). But besides Midland Antiques and Cafe Patachou, the one thing I miss the most is Anthropologie. I realize every girl loves her Anthro, but when a new season comes around I find myself missing all the new and unique things that come through their doors. And Fall is hitting me hard! Look at all these beautiful outfits they've put together. All I can think about is structured jackets, boxy sweaters, patterned skirts, and funky shoes. Oh the agony!

These are some of my favorites from their newest outfitting section: "In Between Day"

I think at least one of these pieces will have to find its way into my closet before October hits; what do you guys think?

Weekend Review

It was such a wonderful weekend here in Lexington. So wonderful in fact that I had time to document it all so I could share it with you guys. Friday evening started with craft night with one of my best friends to make curtains for the house. Saturday morning started out right with yummy banana nut muffins and cool weather outside perfect for sweater wearing. We also caught the movie Drive and the UK football game. I also got to work on finally unpacking all our books in our newly inherited bookcase, and catching my sweet puppy curled up in my newly hung curtains.

I just feel so refreshed and ready for this week. How about you guys; how was your weekend?

Friday Flick Picks

Please excuse the crazy layout. This is what happens when you watch movies late at night on a Thursday! Once again the eclectic movie taste of Sarah rides again! This week was tough for me because I liked
different parts of all of them. Days of Heaven was beautiful to watch, but I don't have a strong taste for Malick films so the plot did nothing for me. Funny Story was entertaining, but I probably would have enjoyed it more if I was 16 years old. Warrior was not at all what I wanted it to be. I thought it would be a gritter version of The Fighter, but sadly it was not. Bad story line and it ran a little long
for my taste. And Major League...what can I say about a typical 80's screwball comedy?

So you can see my dilemma for a pick. If I were pressed, I would have to pick It's Kind of a Funny Story. I laughed out loud in parts, and I could see a little of myself in these 16-year-olds that aren't sure how to deal with the pressure of school, parents, friends, and how to be cool around your crush; it can stress you out. And Zach Galifianakis is always good for a laugh. So enjoy a trip down memory lane of the years you're trying to forget.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends. I'll see you on Monday! xo

Decisions, decisions

Nope, not mad at these Seychelle shoes one bit. Which color though?

Finally, a fantasy draft I can get behind!

A fantasy draft about TV shows: this is something I can get behind. Being a girlfriend to a sports enthusiast, I am well aware of how serious people take their fantasy sports teams. Not being one for sports I am, however, big on the entertainment world. So when Aaron emailed me a fantasy league plotting the success and demise of this years new fall TV shows, I was down!

The idea of the league, created by the website Grantland, is to stack your teams with the new series you judge to have the least chance of success. Awesome right? Because if you're like me, and when the Fall TV preview issue of Entertainment Weekly came out you instantly started judging the shows you hope never make it past the premier episode. So we both did our research, put on our judgey pants and started the draft.

Here are the 24 shows we used from Grantland's list (we only made one change; we subbed the Allen Gregory show for I Hate My Teenage Daughter) and our picks, 12 shows for each team. We won't know how the scoring will work until the end of this week, but the #1 spot are the ones we think won't make it too long and #12 we think will hang on and see the season to the end.

Check out the article and form a league of your own if you're into Fall TV as much as me. I'd love to hear which you guys think are winners and losers for the season.

(PS Don't think I'm a big hater of all the new shows this season; I'm really looking forward to a lot of them, and I hope they stick around for awhile, but I had to pick them!)

Bold High Waist Fashion

Love this look. Perhaps one day I'll be brave enough to buy something like this and then wear it!!!

images: Ulyana Sergeenko

Photo Fun

(top and cardigan: forever21, pants: anthropologie, necklace: vintage)

A few days ago I got together with a old friend, Rachel, to help her take some pictures of her little girl. As two past photography students, and her with loads of great portrait gear, we teamed up to have some fun with her almost one-year-old. So while everything was set up, I talked Rachel into taking a few snaps of me for an outfitting post.

I am totally loving the colored pants trend that is going on right now and these rusty red skinnies have gotten a lot of wear this summer and I can't wait to pair them with boots for fall. We've been having some weird temperature swings in Kentucky so layering with lighter pieces have done the trick when it goes form 50 to 70 degrees in the span of one afternoon!

Photos by: Rachel Leigh Photography

Friday Flick Picks

We're trying something new since we've moved into our new house and that is no cable TV! For me, it's still pretty sad. HGTV, DIY network, Bravo, TLC, and The Hallmark channel (for my Golden Girls reruns), make great company while I cook dinner or on a lazy Saturday afternoon but, alas, they are no more. Right now I have the four networks, a channel that only shows the weather Doppler, and something called Cool
TV, which shows music videos and reruns of The City as far as I can tell. So our instant Netflix account will get a lot more use! Think of me while you watch your 100+ channels.

This week we watched The Art of the Steal and Double Indemnity. While I love a classic film, and Billy Wilder's work, I wasn't much for this movie. Just not "juicy" enough for me if you know what I mean. Its hard to appreciate murder mystery story lines in older movies because you've seen them played out time and time again (usually more complex and with more CGI). It's like you knew how it was going to end, you
just had to sit there and watch their brilliant ploy crumble down around them. And the lead Barbara Stanwyck just got on my nerves! But finding the poster really made me laugh! It's designed pretty well until - BAM! - floating head right in the middle of it all.

So the pick of the week is The Art of the Steal. It runs a little long in the end but overall, it's a great documentary about an amazing art collection and its owner, Dr. Albert Barnes. It touched the art student bone in me and I found it very nostalgic. Taking me back to when I was a student and what a wonderful environment it was to be surrounded by beautiful pieces of art and professors who wanted to keep it alive.

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. I have a to do list a mile long of things I need to get for the house. What about you guys; what are your plans?


Wonderful motivating words for a, still, gloomy day in Lexington Kentucky. And twirling and dancing in a garden of chandeliers in a pink fluffy dress feels like the perfect recipe for making magic.

links: poster

7 Happy Things

See? I told you I'd bring it back! 7 Things took a mini vacation last week, but it's back and ready to make you happy too!

images: the office, hipmunk, cabinets (unknown, please share if you know), dress, cameras, dog costume

(and yes I see that favorite is spelled wrong up there...I can't get the document open in photoshop to fix it, so please forgive my misspelling today!)

Hello There, Pinner

I got so much joy from shining the spotlight on one of my friend's pinterest boards that I thought I'd do it again. This time, it's on my sweet friend Mallory Hanson, a student of fashion retail management at the Art Institute of Indianapolis. She has a bright and spunky personality with amazing taste that allows her to carry off yhe newest trends or the most classic of looks with total ease. I swear she had the best collection of ballet flats and colorful scarves.  Check out some of my favorite pins of hers; there's no question she has a love for fashion!

1. Where do you find all your great fashion pins?
I find a lot of my fashion pins from the fashion category on Pinterest. But more recently I have started to type in a designer name in the search box and pin away! A lot of my friends at school in the fashion retail management major have Pinterest accounts so we are all finding inspiration from each other's boards.
2. What do you love most about Pinterest and pinning?
I LOVE the organization of Pinterest and how I don't have to keep a notebook at home full of torn out pages from magazines. It's a great way to catalog inspiration for so many different things. Since joining I have re-created outfits, cooked recipes (normally not my thing), and have successfully done a few DIY projects. Pinterest is my ultimate source for inspiration and I'm completely addicted!!!
3. If your fashion board isn't your favorite to pin to, what's your 2nd favorite and why?
Besides fashion I find myself getting lost in the Home/Furniture category. There is everything from luxe Manhattan apartments to cozy beach side bungalows. I'm looking for inspiration to re-do my bedroom and have found so many different ideas!

If you've liked the pins you've seen you can follow Mallory on Pinterest here, or you can check out her blog Indigo. Thanks for sharing Mal!