Friday Flick Picks

I'm a little short on the movie watching because I've been glued to all the new TV shows this week!(And my fantasy TV league is looking pretty good because there were some stinkers in there!) I caught Drive on Saturday afternoon and Dr. Strangelove last night.

The pick of the week is going to Drive. I'm sorry to say it's the better of two not so hot movies though. Ryan Gosling is a solid actor, I have really started to come around to him, and he really commits to his character, but the tone of the movie is all wrong. They overplay the little things, introduce characters and plot lines that are unnecessary, and try to make a hero out of someone who's not. And any movie with Albert Brooks I have a hard time watching because I can't stop picturing him as the voice of Nemo's dad!

And all I can say about Dr. Strangelove is it was too strange for me. It's sort of funny, sort of ridiculous, sort of boring. Only watch it if you're trying to check it off your "classic movies I must see" list.

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