Finally, a fantasy draft I can get behind!

A fantasy draft about TV shows: this is something I can get behind. Being a girlfriend to a sports enthusiast, I am well aware of how serious people take their fantasy sports teams. Not being one for sports I am, however, big on the entertainment world. So when Aaron emailed me a fantasy league plotting the success and demise of this years new fall TV shows, I was down!

The idea of the league, created by the website Grantland, is to stack your teams with the new series you judge to have the least chance of success. Awesome right? Because if you're like me, and when the Fall TV preview issue of Entertainment Weekly came out you instantly started judging the shows you hope never make it past the premier episode. So we both did our research, put on our judgey pants and started the draft.

Here are the 24 shows we used from Grantland's list (we only made one change; we subbed the Allen Gregory show for I Hate My Teenage Daughter) and our picks, 12 shows for each team. We won't know how the scoring will work until the end of this week, but the #1 spot are the ones we think won't make it too long and #12 we think will hang on and see the season to the end.

Check out the article and form a league of your own if you're into Fall TV as much as me. I'd love to hear which you guys think are winners and losers for the season.

(PS Don't think I'm a big hater of all the new shows this season; I'm really looking forward to a lot of them, and I hope they stick around for awhile, but I had to pick them!)

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