Hello There, Pinner

I got so much joy from shining the spotlight on one of my friend's pinterest boards that I thought I'd do it again. This time, it's on my sweet friend Mallory Hanson, a student of fashion retail management at the Art Institute of Indianapolis. She has a bright and spunky personality with amazing taste that allows her to carry off yhe newest trends or the most classic of looks with total ease. I swear she had the best collection of ballet flats and colorful scarves.  Check out some of my favorite pins of hers; there's no question she has a love for fashion!

1. Where do you find all your great fashion pins?
I find a lot of my fashion pins from the fashion category on Pinterest. But more recently I have started to type in a designer name in the search box and pin away! A lot of my friends at school in the fashion retail management major have Pinterest accounts so we are all finding inspiration from each other's boards.
2. What do you love most about Pinterest and pinning?
I LOVE the organization of Pinterest and how I don't have to keep a notebook at home full of torn out pages from magazines. It's a great way to catalog inspiration for so many different things. Since joining I have re-created outfits, cooked recipes (normally not my thing), and have successfully done a few DIY projects. Pinterest is my ultimate source for inspiration and I'm completely addicted!!!
3. If your fashion board isn't your favorite to pin to, what's your 2nd favorite and why?
Besides fashion I find myself getting lost in the Home/Furniture category. There is everything from luxe Manhattan apartments to cozy beach side bungalows. I'm looking for inspiration to re-do my bedroom and have found so many different ideas!

If you've liked the pins you've seen you can follow Mallory on Pinterest here, or you can check out her blog Indigo. Thanks for sharing Mal!

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