Catalog Living

top: Old Navy, skirt: Anthropologie
Is it safe to say that most of us want to live in the JCrew catalog? Where your hair is the right amount of messy and put together, it goes magically into the perfect bun, you wear smart oxfords, and the perfect shade of lipstick? Sometimes when I'm seriously fighting with my closet and don't know what to wear I will search out the latest issue of their catalog for inspiration. For this to really be a JCrew outfit I'd need at least one more layering t shirt and coral lipstick. I'm still working on finding the latter before 30, but as for the outfit I think I'd fit in just fine with these girls.

Friday Flick Picks

Yes, I finally gave in to the teenager inside of me and saw Titanic in 3D. And I have to say the experience was awesome. I was practically glowing and giddy with excitement when I left the theatre. The hot romance, the drawing, the sinking, the costumes, and don't even get me started on hot young Leo! I swear I wanted an issue of Tiger Beat from 1997 so I could drool over pictures of him afterwards. I could have done without the whole 3D part of it. I mean it was cool, but you couldn't tell a huge difference. For me it was just the fact that I was watching this movie again on the big screen. I highly recommend you get out and see this movie again in the theatres, but if sappy romance movies isn't your thing Jurassic Park in 3D coming out July of this year (so excited!).

Pretty Kitty

jacket: HM, top: Old Navy, jeans: American Eagle, flats: Payless 
I am not a cat person but when I spied this super cute printed top at Old Navy a month ago I had to have it. I'm instantly drawn to anything with a kitschy or whimsical print. This simple white silhouettes, on my favorite colored top (navy), didn't scream crazy cat lady. Not that there's anything wrong with being that; it's not really me. And nothing breaks up blue jeans and a blue top better than a cozy grey blazer. The perfect layering piece for our sudden drop in temperature.

I am a unicorn

A wonderful friend and former co-worker once told me that the animal I most resemble is a unicorn. And it is one of the best compliment I ever received. I feel like it's my totem, a little over the top, magical, loves rainbows, and totally unique. Maybe it was all those years of loving Lisa Frank stickers and My Little Pony that made me destine to embody the soul of a unicorn.

Keeneland Fun

dress: Anthropologie, sandals: Payless Shoes
Nothing beats Keeneland in the Springtime. The sunshine, the cherry blossoms, and the endless parade of gingham, seersucker and Lilly Pulitzer patterns. Friday was the perfect day to take to the races. I placed a few bets and enjoyed the first day of the year I spent wearing a sundress and sandals. It's one of the best things about my hometown.

Happy Friday

Little things making me happy this week...

* going for a run
* laying in the grass
* watching a baseball game
* reading
* having unexpected help with a project
* Starbucks coffee
* sunsets at 8pm
* talking on the phone to an old friend

Have an amazing weekend my little apples!

A Pictured Past

I love this photograph of my grandmother. I have it framed and sitting on top of my dresser, so I can see her everyday. It's hard to picture my grandmother looking so stylish and young. When I was born she was already 65, a mother of 4 and grandmother of 8, and her days of being young and hip were long behind her. I like to imagine the reason behind this photo; like where was she going that day, was that her favorite coat, what's making her smile so big? I just love seeing her face every morning, it makes me happy. The recipe is in her handwriting too and I love that her penmanship is familiar as her face. It's also making me very hungry for a slice of her apple crisp.

P.S. I could totally rock my grandma's style with this coat right here

A Banner Headboard

I am totally on board with all the streamer banners used for weddings, photo backgrounds, and party decor. I think it's a great way to pull your whole color story together for an event into one cute decor piece. After seeing a simple picture on sweet sweet life of bunting hung over a bed, and easy to follow instructions on the lovely cupboard for using fabric, my project was set in motion. The colors were pulled from my Anthropologie Glasswing duvet. You can see the tops of the shams peeking into the last picture. I still need to get an actual insert for my duvet otherwise I would have photographed the whole bed. My only worry is that it'll be too matchy-matchy with all the same colors together in one small space, but we shall see. If it's a bust then it's back to square one on the headboard idea but I have a good secondary home for the banner to live just in case.

Simplified Pairing

tee: Urban Outfitters, skirt: Anthropologie, sandals: Steve Madden
I'm trying my best to channel my inner Alexa Chung with my t shirt and skirt combination. If I could just add a pocket to my tee I would have the look down. I think I'm drawn to looks like that: relaxed chic. Perhaps that's why I own so many flats and cotton based articles of clothing. Oh well, it makes it easier to play in the grass and sunshine.

Like everyone else, I'm obsessed with my instagram app and took some outfit pictures too. I can't decide which I like better. What do you think?

Friday Flick Picks

The odds were in my favor this week, and I finally made it out to see The Hunger Games. I started the book before I saw the movie, and about 100 pages in I couldn't wait to see how it ended, so I cheated and saw the movie. Now, I'm only 2 chapters away from finishing and am pretty pleased to see how well they stuck to the book. Things were obviously condensed and shortened but overall they kept the important parts of the story in tact. The only things I think they struggled with were the Katniss' flashbacks (Jennifer Lawrence's character) and the role of Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci's character). NO SPOILER ALERTS, I PROMISE! The problem with movies set in the future is they have to explain things the author has made up that will exist in that time. To elaborate on things during the Hunger Games they turned Flickerman into a sports announcer that commentated on things the tributes were doing, and it came off a little corny at times. With the book being told from Katniss' point of view it was easy to read about things from her past that shaped her character, but the movie's use of flashbacks didn't come off as clear. Having read part of the book I understood what they were trying to show, but perhaps it was a little confusing for someone with no knowledge of the story.

I still think if you haven't read the books you'll understand what's going on and really like the movie. It's full of great special effects, action, and adventure. Read the books if you want a richer story. I'm still holding on to the hope that I'll get out to see Titanic this week too!

Buzzing Like Neon

The Today show is like my mom's guide to life. Recipes, fashion, filing your taxes, movie reviews, books, iPhone apps...if Matt and Ann are talking about it my mom jumps on board. So when Martha Stewart came on the week before Easter using neon food coloring; my mother probably went to the grocery store that day to buy some. And she didn't even bother to dye Easter eggs or frost a cake with them! (that second option really made no sense to me). But seriously, good idea McCormick for finally updating the tired red, blue, yellow, and green food coloring choices. They also include this great color mixing chart to make interesting colors like apricot, raspberry, and stormy blue. From Martha, to my mother, to me, this little apple is getting some neon food coloring and doing some baking!

Bits and Bobs

I once tried to convince my friend that I didn't own a lot of necklaces. We're standing next to a wall of jewelry and I'm trying to tell her I don't own or wear that many necklaces. I come home and stare at 15 necklaces hanging on my wall. Not to mention 15 more in my jewelry box. She was right, and maybe I was in denial. I guess I'm not in the habit of wearing lots of accessories everyday. It's very rare I do the big earrings and a funky necklace together or pairing the dangly earrings and the long layering necklaces. A simple pairing or one over the other. Perhaps I need to do the opposite of Coco Chanel's advice and add one more thing  before I get out the door. I certainly have the options. Either way, the light through my bedroom window gave a warm glow to my jewelry on display on my wall and dresser.

Easter Peep Yellow

jacket and dress: Old Navy, belt: Anthropologie, shoe: Forever21
You guys have heard me singing the praises of Old Navy around here lately and this outfit is my way of showing it. As much as I love my unique and quirky silk Anthro dresses sometimes a girl needs a simple cotton dress she can throw in the washing machine. And when you can find a wardrobe staple like a navy blazer for less than 40 bucks it's not a bad investment. My Easter Sunday wasn't filled with any egg hunts or elaborate family dinners, but the sun was out and I did manage to find a yellow peep or two to snack on so it was a good day. And yes, I try to coordinate my food choices with my outfits.

The Weekend!

via design sponge
Yeah, the weekend is almost here! Sorry to disappoint with no flick picks today but I haven't watched anything new! I have Hunger Games and Titanic 3D on my list of movies to watch, so hopefully I will see at least one this weekend. I feel like I've slacked on the blog this week too, and I'm very sorry about that. Work at Arhaus has kept me busy and then I'm tired in the evenings, and life in general is throwing me a curve ball so I'm trying to make adjustments and get to my happy place. I'm hoping this weekend will do just that.

Things I'm excited is opening day at Keeneland race tracks, 66 degree weather forecast, sleeping in tomorrow, and the promise of Peeps and Cadbury eggs on Sunday!

Love you little apples, see you back here on Monday! xo

Home Town Love

photo by Matt Goins
I'll never forget...the massive amounts of fans that swarmed the streets Monday night after UK basketball won the 2012 NCAA basketball championship. I have nothing but love for my hometown of Lexington KY and to see a whole city come together for one event was pretty amazing. Keep the party going Cats fans!

Celebrating on Euclid Ave with my girl Melissa Q!

A Wild Thyme Cooking

When my friend Serena asked me to dinner Friday night I didn't know that we'd be cooking part of the meal ourselves! Our night of culinary cuisine took place at Wild Thyme, an amazing cooking class/dining experience here in Lexington.

Our evening at Wild Thyme consisted of an array of amazing hors d'oeuvres to inspire our inner creative cooks, and then they set up a competition where you and your partner had to come up with a dish from a basket of mystery ingredients. Salmon, mango, dried apricots, and romaine lettuce is what we were given to cook any way we liked. The final dishes were to be judged by two professional chefs. This terrified me. I do not cook beyond boiling a pot of water for pasta or preheating the oven for a pizza, let alone letting a complete stranger (a professional chef no less!) eat what I've cooked! In the end our dish turned out great. I was shocked that I could actually cook something that myself and other people liked! We didn't win but I couldn't be prouder of myself.

snapshots of myself and Serena preparing our meal, our finished product, and the judges table
 The real treat though was watching the professional chefs work up meals with their basket of mystery ingredients later in the evening. With items like rabbit, lemongrass, tahini paste, kumquats, bird's eye chillies and crispy onions, chefs Andrew and Jane made two completely, but equally amazing, different meals. One was hearty and robust while the other was Asian inspired and spicy. I really felt like I was apart of an episode of Iron Chef!

I can't wait to sign up for my first class. Maybe I'll learn how to cook yet!

middle row l to r: Chef Andrew's rabbit and risotto dish, Serena and I's salmon and mango salsa dish, and Chef Jane's Asian infused wild rice and rabbit dish