Friday Flick Picks

Yes, I finally gave in to the teenager inside of me and saw Titanic in 3D. And I have to say the experience was awesome. I was practically glowing and giddy with excitement when I left the theatre. The hot romance, the drawing, the sinking, the costumes, and don't even get me started on hot young Leo! I swear I wanted an issue of Tiger Beat from 1997 so I could drool over pictures of him afterwards. I could have done without the whole 3D part of it. I mean it was cool, but you couldn't tell a huge difference. For me it was just the fact that I was watching this movie again on the big screen. I highly recommend you get out and see this movie again in the theatres, but if sappy romance movies isn't your thing Jurassic Park in 3D coming out July of this year (so excited!).

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