Bits and Bobs

I once tried to convince my friend that I didn't own a lot of necklaces. We're standing next to a wall of jewelry and I'm trying to tell her I don't own or wear that many necklaces. I come home and stare at 15 necklaces hanging on my wall. Not to mention 15 more in my jewelry box. She was right, and maybe I was in denial. I guess I'm not in the habit of wearing lots of accessories everyday. It's very rare I do the big earrings and a funky necklace together or pairing the dangly earrings and the long layering necklaces. A simple pairing or one over the other. Perhaps I need to do the opposite of Coco Chanel's advice and add one more thing  before I get out the door. I certainly have the options. Either way, the light through my bedroom window gave a warm glow to my jewelry on display on my wall and dresser.

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