Sweet Sunday

Sometimes I forget that Lexington has some really awesome and unique places. Places like Coffee Times and Street Scene; a combination coffee shop and vintage shop. This past Sunday I met a girlfriend for some very delicious cups of coffee and some much needed catch up time. I'm always envious of all the California bloggers I follow that recap all the cool stuff they find at open air flea markets on Saturday mornings. But after 5 minutes in this store I realized I have nothing to be jealous of, it was like having the Rose Bowl Flea  in my own city. Street Scene has everything a girl, or guy, with a love for everything funky, girlie, and little granny could need. They stock a great variety  of furniture, kitchen stuff, clothes, jewelry, and miscellaneous knick knacks that fill up lonely bookshelves and countertops. Perhaps poking around for vintage treasures while we sip our whip creamed topped coffees might have to become a Sunday ritual!

Street Scene: 2575 Regency Road, Lexington KY 40503
Coffee Times: 2571 Regency Road, Lexington KY 40503

Just Wink

So I have to tell you guys about the funniest and cutest app in existence right now: just wink. It's an app by American Greetings that lets you create your own card greeting cards that can be texted or emailed. And not only does the app itself have a quirky sense of humor to it, the cards themselves are hilarious. But what makes me really want to brag about the awesomeness of these cards is a good friend from high school helped create this app! (I'm so proud...it's like he helped create post-its!)

They have a variety of categories, and then fun sub categories within them. What you can't see in this picture is card topics on Bromance, fml,  and yay, new human!

See what I mean about clever humor with the thought bubbles that say, "perv", "you're drunk", and "yay carrrdssss!!!"?

How can you not love a card about friendship and pirates?!

 You can even add your signature to your card when you're ready to send it. 

And if you weren't already convinced that just wink is the most genius and clever creator of cards is paper versions exist too! I found these at Target, but I think you can find them other places too. So download this app and treat your friends to some thoughtful and funny sentiments.

The Movies

Last week I didn't have a Flick Pick and this week I don't have one either. Even though it's summer and big, entertaining blockbusters are coming out every week, there hasn't been a constant release of movies that I've wanted to see. Or movies that I thought looked good until I started catching wind of some bad reviews and then completely wrote them off (best regards to Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter and To Rome with Love).

So, today when I normally have my Friday Flick Picks I fully intended on giving my apologies on a lack of movie watching lately and have a post on something else. But I was going to throw a glimer of movie watching hope out there because the final Dark Knight movie came out today and I definitely wanted to see it soon.

But then I read the news this morning.

At a midnight viewing of The Dark Knight Rising in Aurora, (a suburb in Denver) Colorado, a man opened fire on the patrons viewing the movie; killing 12 and injuring 50 others. In todays society I think we're all used to the excessive amout of security and screening processes at airports, concerts, sporting events, amusement parks and the like. Having my purse checked and metal detectors don't phase me anymore when I know I'll be in a setting of over a thousand people. But it never occured to me to think about how unsafe you are in a movie theatre. It's a dark place, you're usually surrounded by strangers, and you have this very loud, large, and usually entertaining, distraction right in front of you. This is a scary thought to me, because one of my favorite places in the world to be is inside a movie theatre.

The other week I tweeted a link to a humorous flow chart depicting how seating in a movie theatre should be laid out. And now I'm wondering how, realistically, going forward they should be laid out. This won't stop me from going to the movies, or from seeing The Dark Knight at some point; I love movies too much for all that; but an engaging movie won't be the only thing keeping me on the edge of my seat. At least for awhile.

My thoughts go out to the families of those who lost someone today in Colorado. Stay safe guys!


I like to talk to myself. All the time. In the grocery store, my car, the shower, I am having a continuous conversation with myself. When I'm out in public places I'm mostly talking in reminders and my general comments on things around me. I'm never talking very loud, more like mutterings than anything. And I'm sure the people around me think I'm suffering from early stages of dementia, but I can't help it! I realize I could easily have these thoughts inside my head, but it just feels good to say them out loud.

These past couple of days has been hard on me. I've thought about, and talked about, some really hard and sad issues. They all started to weigh me down, and the best way I know to cope with these issues is to talk about it. Not necessarily to anyone else, but out loud to myself.

So I went on a hike. And just talked, and talked, and talked to myself. And by the end of my walk I felt better. I'm like a little kid that finally learned how to put themselves to sleep after a night of crying. Talking out all sides of the issue and playing devil's advocate to myself really comforted me. So call me crazy, but I swear it works. Maybe don't have a full blown argument with yourself in line at the grocery store, or go all Tyler Durden on yourself, but sometimes listening to yourself is the best solution for your problems.
 P.S. I went hiking (it was really just glorified walking) at Raven Run Nature Sanctuary

Tied and Braided

dress and belt: Anthropologie, shoes: Kohls

Proud Moment

Excuse me for a moment while I beam like a proud grandparent with a brag book. My best friend Michelle is in a commercial for La Divina Gelateria. A gelato, panini, and espresso cafe, on Magazine Street in New Orleans.  She's the utterly charming, and wildly funny one in the red dress. Michelle and her Personality Plus partner in hilarious crime, Grace, take your average ice cream date and give it a colorful makeover. It's totally cute and I could not be more proud of her. It's only a matter of time until I see her starting in a funny car insurance or Sonic commercial. Love you Elle bean!

Friday Flick Picks

Quirky, dorky, adorableness are the three words I'll use to describe Wes Anderson's latest movie Moonrise Kingdom. This movie has a cute, childlike way and humor about it that reminds me of Fantastic Mr. Fox. Which is perhaps why I liked it so much over many other Wes Anderson movies. It's the perfect summer movie because it encapsulates all the things you hope your summer would be as a child: (or an adult for that matter) romance, adventure, rebellion, camping, and dance parties on the beach.

This movie is all about the details too. From the patches on the khaki scout uniforms to the letterheads on the stationary, it's all so brilliantly thought out. For people in the field of styling or design this movie will make your heart happy. Make it a point to see this movie, you won't be disappointed.

I'm a sucker for cute movie posters, so I couldn't resist showing off a few others I found around the web.

#1 Accomplished!

The whole reason I started the 30 Before 30 list was so I could have a documented declaration of my desire to get another tattoo. The thought was I'd feel really guilty if I didn't go through with it; so I can goof off on the 20 or so I have remanding now that this one is out of the way. I kid, I kid! I was inked a little less than a month ago, but I've been wanting this particular tattoo for 2 years. The idea came from the little birds in Cinderella who make her ball gown. It's a way to represent my love for all things girlie and cute. I mean the little birds have eyelashes for goodness sake, does it get any cuter than that?

This was by far the most painful obstacle on the list so things like planning a trip and cooking a meal should be a piece of cake!

P.S. If you live in Lexington, and are looking for a talented tattoo artist, Stu at Bleed Blue Tattoo Shop will hook you up!

A Perfect Match

shirt: Urban Outfitters, skirt: Anthropologie, sandals: Steve Madden, necklace: Stella and Dot

I had a girls night out last week and made my girlfriend play photographer for an outfitting post. Who knew having someone else's help could show my whole outfit from head to toe so easily? I absolutely love this skirt but I feel like I never knew what to pair with it. Bright orange and purple are tricky combination to match; of course simplicity is always the answer! Gray t-shirt will I ever run out of uses for you?