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Last week I didn't have a Flick Pick and this week I don't have one either. Even though it's summer and big, entertaining blockbusters are coming out every week, there hasn't been a constant release of movies that I've wanted to see. Or movies that I thought looked good until I started catching wind of some bad reviews and then completely wrote them off (best regards to Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter and To Rome with Love).

So, today when I normally have my Friday Flick Picks I fully intended on giving my apologies on a lack of movie watching lately and have a post on something else. But I was going to throw a glimer of movie watching hope out there because the final Dark Knight movie came out today and I definitely wanted to see it soon.

But then I read the news this morning.

At a midnight viewing of The Dark Knight Rising in Aurora, (a suburb in Denver) Colorado, a man opened fire on the patrons viewing the movie; killing 12 and injuring 50 others. In todays society I think we're all used to the excessive amout of security and screening processes at airports, concerts, sporting events, amusement parks and the like. Having my purse checked and metal detectors don't phase me anymore when I know I'll be in a setting of over a thousand people. But it never occured to me to think about how unsafe you are in a movie theatre. It's a dark place, you're usually surrounded by strangers, and you have this very loud, large, and usually entertaining, distraction right in front of you. This is a scary thought to me, because one of my favorite places in the world to be is inside a movie theatre.

The other week I tweeted a link to a humorous flow chart depicting how seating in a movie theatre should be laid out. And now I'm wondering how, realistically, going forward they should be laid out. This won't stop me from going to the movies, or from seeing The Dark Knight at some point; I love movies too much for all that; but an engaging movie won't be the only thing keeping me on the edge of my seat. At least for awhile.

My thoughts go out to the families of those who lost someone today in Colorado. Stay safe guys!

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