Just Wink

So I have to tell you guys about the funniest and cutest app in existence right now: just wink. It's an app by American Greetings that lets you create your own card greeting cards that can be texted or emailed. And not only does the app itself have a quirky sense of humor to it, the cards themselves are hilarious. But what makes me really want to brag about the awesomeness of these cards is a good friend from high school helped create this app! (I'm so proud...it's like he helped create post-its!)

They have a variety of categories, and then fun sub categories within them. What you can't see in this picture is card topics on Bromance, fml,  and yay, new human!

See what I mean about clever humor with the thought bubbles that say, "perv", "you're drunk", and "yay carrrdssss!!!"?

How can you not love a card about friendship and pirates?!

 You can even add your signature to your card when you're ready to send it. 

And if you weren't already convinced that just wink is the most genius and clever creator of cards is paper versions exist too! I found these at Target, but I think you can find them other places too. So download this app and treat your friends to some thoughtful and funny sentiments.

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