Friday Flick Picks

It was semi-disappointing in my world of movie watching this week. I screened only two, and I didn't like either one. We watched a hailed classic John Wayne movie and the brilliant Terrance Malick's part-war/part-nature film. I definitely don't have the patience or interest in watching any more Westerns after The Searchers and I'm hoping that Brad Pitt will make Malick's newest movie, The Tree of Life, much more interesting than The Thin Red Line. In good conscience I can't recommend either of these movies to you guys this week! So instead I suggest you break into your movie collection, pick out your favorite, and you tell me what you loved watching over the weekend. Enjoy the sunshine if it's out in your neighborhood. Spring might just finally be here to stay! See you back on Monday. xo

Crew Cuts

Can I be as cute as these girls from Crewcuts?! I love Jcrew women's clothing as much as the next preppy dressed girl, but I almost always love the Crewcuts girl's clothes way more. Perhaps it's because there's usually hot pink and tulle somewhere in the mix... Anyone else share my same love?

I'm Stylin'

This week I was so honored to see a fellow blogger of mine give me the sweetest shout out. Anastasia of Decor is like butter won a Stylist Blogger Award this month and to pass on the love she chose 10 blogs she reads to give the honor to as well. And this little apple was one of the 10! You guys definitely need to give her blog a read if you love beautiful interiors and artful fashion.

I also wanted to give my personal shout outs to some blogs that I love but you may not be as familiar with. They fill me with inspiration and ideas daily. I hope you guys will check them out. xo

Floral Maxi

I am lucky to have a very sweet friend who is also a very talented seamstress. Angie is my fashion partner-in-crime. We both have over-flowing closets that never seem to be full, and while working together at Anthropologie, we have to stop each other from spending out entire paychecks in the store! As a self-taught seamstress, she amazes me with what she can whip up. I've seen her re-create things she's seen in stores impeccably, as well as turn an old piece of clothing into something new and beautiful. We've gotten together for several sewing project parties where she has altered and hemmed several pieces in my closest back into life, sewed two dresses, and made this floral skirt. Inspired by all the flowy maxi trends everywhere, but balking at the price, we headed to JoAnn's, where 2 yards of soft pastel floral fabric has now become my new favorite piece in my closet. Thank you Angie! xo

As you can see it's perfect for twirling!

Friday Flick Picks

March 16-22

Yes readers you see correctly, I finally made it out to a movie theatre to see a current movie! I can hardly admit it's been 6 weeks since my last trip but sometimes that's how life goes. As excited as I was to see Limitless it is not my pick of the week. Definitely a "rent it" kind of movie. As far as the other movies I saw this week, I watched the sequel to my pick last week, a great Tarantino flick, and my all time favorite go to comedy, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. My pick of the week is Inglourious Basterds. This was only my second time watching it and found myself liking it so much more than before. Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz, and Melanie Laurent are amazing. It's graphic and gory, funny and heart breaking. It's a masterpiece. Have a great Easter Weekend my little apples and I'll see you back here on Monday!

Yeah, in a basement. You know, fightin' in a basement offers a lot of difficulties. Number one being, you're fightin' in a basement! -Brad Pitt

Picture an Outfit

Cameo and Cocktails

images: rings, top, pants, shoes

Beauty Tips

You guys need to check out Lauren Conrad's new website! I have a feeling will be my new go to place for makeup and hair how-to's, beauty trends, products, tools, and practical quick tips.  This is only their second day live and I've already found two super easy and cute hairstyles, and a new nail trend, ombre nails, that I want to try out. Their professional pictures and detailed step instructions really set their site apart from the others. Ever since the first episode of Laguna Beach I've had a major girl crush on LC's personality and chic California-girl style so I get really excited about any new venture of hers. Check it out you'll be hooked too!

7 Happy Things

nail color, bathing suit, vantage point, bedding

Picture an Outfit

Kent Colors

All right my little readers, I would really like your feedback on this post. Tell me if you like it, or you're curious to see more, or if you're sort of interested but would change something slightly.  A recent obsession with pintrest and tumblr sites has gotten me so inspired. It has motivated me to take more photographs of landscapes and objects, mix patterns and color, and to find beauty in the unexpected. I want to take two things I love, photography and fashion, and find a way to put them together. This is the result of this brain storm. I'd love to know what you think and I hope you like this inital post.

links: houses, top, skirt, belt

Flick Picks

April 9-15

5 movies this week! Wow I've got some time on my hands don't I? When I'm off work in the afternoons or my boyfriend doesn't have homework to do in the evenings, our favorite type of entertainment is a movie. As you can see it looks like romance was the movie genre this week. Different actors, obstacles, and plot lines, but always the same ending. Romance movies aren't usually my first pick for a type of movie but every once in awhile I like a little mushy sappiness in my life. Michael Clayton is the sore thumb in this pack. I suppose I needed some variety. My pick for this week is going to Before Sunset. It's the simplest of stories:  two travelers meet on a train, spend an evening wandering the streets of Vienna, and a romance develops between them even though they know they won't see each other again once morning comes. If you've ever stayed on the phone for hours, or out to dinner, with someone you've just met or just recently started dating and you have this amazing connection, then you can relate to this movie. It's like that whole feeling wrapped into 90 minutes and if you love that new relationship feeling then you'll love this movie too.

"It's like our time together is just ours. It's our own creation. It must be like I'm in your dream, and you in mine, or something." -Julie Delpy

Easter Place Cards

With Easter only a week and a half away, I have an easy craft to share with you that will perk up your dinner party. I saw this great project featured on Modern Parents Messy Kids:  making Easter eggs out of paint chips. Their directions are for a super cute garland, which I did make, but I made so many extra eggs for this project that I wanted to come up with something else to do with them. Follow along below to see how you can make these Easter eggs in the grass place cards too!

First, head over to Messy Parents Messy Kid's blog to get the template for the egg and how to use them with the paint chips. (They also have great directions on how make the gradient egg garland.)
Once you've determined how many eggs or place settings you'll need, cut out a corresponding amount of 2.5"x 1.25" rectangles of green construction paper

Free-handedly cut out the shape of blades of grass. Alternate long and short blades every so often. You will leave one of the long edges completely uncut, but cut the blades of grass pretty close to the straight edge.

Position the egg behind the blades of grass. Glue the egg to the blades of grass that end up behind the egg.
To add the names to the eggs I cut out small rectangles and then glued them to the front of the grass and the egg. It's easier to write the names on the rectangles before you cut out or glue on.  

And you're done! I used some brownie bites I made the other night to show them off, but with the sharp toothpick end you could insert them anywhere.

I added a little twist to my paint chip eggs for the place card project versus the egg garland - the dots and stripes! I used a white pen I use for scrapbooking to add polka dots, stripes, and zig zags to my eggs. In my family, when we dye eggs, we always do that with a wax crayon and I thought it was fitting to add this tradition to my project. In the same vein, you could skip making tags for people's names and just use the white pen to write the names directly on the egg. I hope you guys enjoyed! 

Here's how my garland turned out, just in case you were curious

Pears and Sunshine

Forever 21 top, Urban Outfitters skirt, American Eagle belt, Impo sandals
The weather is finally coming around here in Indy. To celebrate the 80 degree weather yesterday, me, my boyfriend, and our dog headed out to Broad Ripple to enjoy the sunshine. We had yummy Hot Box Pizza for lunch, a stop at Three Dog Bakery for some puppy treats, and a scoop of ice cream at BRICS to top off the day. The warm weather called for an airy skirt, a bright top, and minimal accessories like the braided belt and green bangle. And of course my toes are finally happy to be out of flats and boots and into sandals! Spring weather, I hope you're here to stay.

Friday Flick Picks

April 2nd-8th
It was a big week for me and movies these past 7 days. The third, Angels and Demons, was on in the background of some mindless internet surfing yesterday evening but it still counts. My boyfriend still makes fun of me for 'liking' this movie on Facebook when it first came out and constantly teases me whenever the movie is mentioned. He's probably getting a good laugh out of this post, but what can I say? I do like the book and movie! My pick of the week has to be The Hangover. The classics like The Graduate and The Godfather II weren't everything I thought they were going to be and Angels and Demons is only good if you're a Dan Brown fan. So get your laugh on with the seriously funny and new classic 2009 comedy-The Hangover.

"Wait a second, could it be? And now I know for sure, I just added two more guys to my wolf pack."
-Zach Galifianakis

Have a good weekend guys!

Collections Trade

About a month ago I participated in Oh, hello friend's "I Heart Collections" swap. We were each partnered with another participant, made a list of things we collect with them, and then waited for the items we love to arrive in the mail. And mine came yesterday! I was paired up with Stefany from the super cute blog Inspiration by S. She was very thoughtful and got me a little bit of everything of the items I told her I collected. Vintage medicinal bottles, a Christmas ornament, bits of ephemeral goodies and for my love of vintage cameras-little camera earrings. But besides the fun goodies Stefany sent me it was great to be introduced to her new blog too. Full of fashion, photography, and jewelry it's a very inspiring read. You guys should definitely check her blog out! What are some things you guys can't stop collecting?

My swapping partner

The colorful wrap job

Flick picks will be up soon!

The Hellers

This week I have stumbled upon a great clothing line: The Hellers. After seeing this picture of Aimee Teegarden at the 2011 Kid's Choice Awards in their Day Moves Romper, I thought it was so cute and chic. Now I know it's hard to think chic and romper go together, but in this case they do.

After exploring their site for awhile I found out some great things that made me love their company even more. Brother and sister Dania and Yoram are the sibling duo behind The Heller line that is designed and based out of Tel Aviv, Isreal. Their design concept is producing timeless pieces that will last season to season and year after year. And Dania shoots every piece with her Holga camera!

Check out some of my favorite pieces from their Winter 2011 line.
Day Moves Romper
Favorite Dress
Tuxedo Cardigan
Favorite Dress

images: The Heller's

The One and Only

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
-Marilyn Monroe

image: ria

Woodland Wedding Invites

One of my super cute, super talented co-workers and friends is getting married this summer. Sheena is the talented artist and worker behind our stores' display and window creations season after season. So it was no surprise when I opened her wedding invitation and something impeccably designed was inside. Sheena brainstormed up how and what she wanted their invites to look like and her equally talented artist and hubby-to-be Ezra drew them up. The main part of their invitation was printed on a piece of 5x7 fabric and lends itself perfectly for framing:  a great way to create a keepsake for their family members or for Ezra and Sheena to remember their special day. The rest of the inserts continue to beautifully carry on with the woodland theme of their wedding. I'm so happy she let me share her creative work with all of you. I can't wait for May, you guys!