Flick Picks

April 9-15

5 movies this week! Wow I've got some time on my hands don't I? When I'm off work in the afternoons or my boyfriend doesn't have homework to do in the evenings, our favorite type of entertainment is a movie. As you can see it looks like romance was the movie genre this week. Different actors, obstacles, and plot lines, but always the same ending. Romance movies aren't usually my first pick for a type of movie but every once in awhile I like a little mushy sappiness in my life. Michael Clayton is the sore thumb in this pack. I suppose I needed some variety. My pick for this week is going to Before Sunset. It's the simplest of stories:  two travelers meet on a train, spend an evening wandering the streets of Vienna, and a romance develops between them even though they know they won't see each other again once morning comes. If you've ever stayed on the phone for hours, or out to dinner, with someone you've just met or just recently started dating and you have this amazing connection, then you can relate to this movie. It's like that whole feeling wrapped into 90 minutes and if you love that new relationship feeling then you'll love this movie too.

"It's like our time together is just ours. It's our own creation. It must be like I'm in your dream, and you in mine, or something." -Julie Delpy

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  1. This sounds like a good week to me! And I love 'Before Sunrise' its romantic without being too sappy (i think) and the streets of Vienna in the background, what can be better. Enjoy your week! x anastasia