Collections Trade

About a month ago I participated in Oh, hello friend's "I Heart Collections" swap. We were each partnered with another participant, made a list of things we collect with them, and then waited for the items we love to arrive in the mail. And mine came yesterday! I was paired up with Stefany from the super cute blog Inspiration by S. She was very thoughtful and got me a little bit of everything of the items I told her I collected. Vintage medicinal bottles, a Christmas ornament, bits of ephemeral goodies and for my love of vintage cameras-little camera earrings. But besides the fun goodies Stefany sent me it was great to be introduced to her new blog too. Full of fashion, photography, and jewelry it's a very inspiring read. You guys should definitely check her blog out! What are some things you guys can't stop collecting?

My swapping partner

The colorful wrap job

Flick picks will be up soon!


  1. I'm glad you liked it. I just received your package today and I love everything in it! :) I'll definitely be making a post about it soon and I'll be sure to email you when I do.

  2. What a lovely idea and your goodies are great!