Crazy about Ornaments

I stopped into Hallmark today and I openly squealed with delight when I saw the Dream Book for Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments already out! One of my favorite things about Christmas is adding to my ornament collection and nothing helps the addiction better than their ornaments.

I already looked through the book 3 or 4 times now and probably see at least a dozen ornaments that I'd love to see on my tree this year. Check out some of my favorites, and you can check out the rest of the collection at Hallmark's site. Here's to Christmas in July when they have their premier!


Don't forget- What Not to Wear, 9pm est staring Mayim Bialik TONIGHT!

And yes, I'm proud to say that I'm staying home to watch it.

Also, I saw the trailer for Toy Story 3 just a few minutes ago and I can't wait for June 2010! I love a good Pixar flick and I can't wait to go see Up, which came out today. Hopefully I can find someone to go see it with me.

I love Rex from Toy Story... "I'm from Mattel. Well, actually I'm from a small company that was purchased by Mattel in a leveraged buyout."

Hot Messes from New Jersey

My new guilty pleasure: The Real Housewives of New Jersey. This show is the hottest mess that has aired on Bravo TV. Big hair, lots of make up, Jersey accents, this show has it all!

It is ridiculous. I swear at least two of the "housewives" used to men. I mean the amount of make-up they're wearing makes them look like cheap trannies. A break down of the ladies:

Dina-1 out of 3 of the ladies who are related to each other, typical housewife, bored at home started a charity and then started her own design business decorating for celebrities. Her catch phrase: "if you think I'm a bitch, then bring it on."

Teresa-Tranny #1. No forehead, big hair, ugly face. Thinks her daughter can be a model/actress. The true Jersey girl of the bunch, thick accent, Italian last name, pays for everything in cash. "People make fun of Jersey girls, but I think they're just jealous."

Caroline-Family member #2, the only (sort of) normal one of the bunch. Thinks she's Carmela Soprano. "If you mess with my family, you mess with me."

Jacquelin- Family member #3. The sweet one of the bunch, the one always stuck in the drama and her 2 sister in-laws push her around. And of course she's the only friend to the trouble maker of the group. Has no control over her teenage daughter. "Everybody likes to have nice things, but I'm not one to brag about it."

Danielle- Tranny #2! WOW, this woman is a hot mess. "You're either going to love me or hate me. There's no in between." Everybody on this show, except Jacquelin, hates her! She's like 45, dating a 26 year old that looks like his 36! It looks like in the next episode it's going to come out she was a prostitute, ran in a drug ring, and was arrested for kidnapping. It's going to be awesome watching this drama unfold.

Tune in, Tuesdays at 10pm on Bravo TV and on Wednesday's we'll come together and DISCUSS!

A Winner

Doodle 4 Google Winner:"A New Beginning"

I guess I can't pick the Google Logo winner, but I was on the fence about adding this one to my top 3 list; honest! The 12 year old's day of fame was short lived. Google already has a new one up today (happy birthday Mary Cassatt).

In other news...if you want to add one more blog to your "daily read" list, check out 
my bestie's new blog! She's hilarious, you'll love it!

I hope all my readers (all 2 of you I'm sure) have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

More Good News!

I thought Blossom being on this years season of What Not to Wear was the best news I've heard lately. All I can say is: Mayim you've been topped.

LFO is getting back together for a one time reunion concert! I mean I don't know about you, but Summer Girls was my jam! I mean you never heard more creative lyrics than, "Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole bunch of sonnets" and "you love fun dip and cherry Coke." Wow. Songwriting at it's best.

July 18th, 6:30pm, $35 dollars gets you in to witness the magic. I'll see you in line and remember to wear your Abercrombie & Fitch!

Blast from the past!

What do a flowered hat, neon colored scrunchies and sleeveless flannel shirts have in common?

They were the key accessories on the hit early '90s sitcom Blossom!

Oh my gosh, I LOVED Blossom when I was a kid and a piece of news I read yesterday gave me happy flashbacks to my childhood. Mayim Bialik, aka Blossom, is going to be the first makeover on the premiere episode on What Not to Wear.

(pause for squeals of delight)

I love What Not to Wear. I love it when I can stay home on Friday nights to watch the new episodes, and I've gone to Macy's to watch Clinton Kelly host a fashion show. The show is fabulous and now that Mayim will be trashing her hippie clothes, and the secret Blossom clothes that she's had since 1994 and wears out on occasion on TLC in the year 2009, words can't describe my excitement!

Watch the opener and take a trip down memory lane!

I mean who didn't wish they dressed that funky? (is it just me or does she remind you of a young Sarah Jessica Parker?...or is it just the nose?)

Snuggle Buddies

Fawns, cute.
Baby animals sleeping, really cute.
Two unlikely animals having a snuggle, cuteness overload!

Comfy and Cozy

Couldn't you just stay home from work everyday if you had bedding like this? I am loving the blue patterned one in the upper left, and bottom right.

The designers name is Amy Butler and she's got a bunch more comfy looking bedding that you can see here.

I seriously think I need to get my own bedding decor game up. I see cute throw pillows in my future....


One of the simple things in life that bring me joy is the Google home page. I love the random days where upon visiting their website I find their main title changed into something creative and different.

You can view all the past fun titles here.

Today I noticed they're having a contest called Doodle 4 Google. A competition for K-12 age students to play around with their homepage logo and find a new design to come up with, and the theme was "What I Wish for the World"

For 1 I love artsy creative things like this, and admiring other people's artwork and for B some of the ones in the K-3 category are really good! I will say that I voted for an "older" students work, just because I hope for some of the things shown in their picture, but I'm going to predict 3 possible winners just to see if I can think like Google-ers.

Take a few minutes to vote, and then we'll see who wins!

Predictions (in no particular order)
1. Spreading the Spark
2. Cleaner Oceans for the World
3. Help Save the Polar Bears

My Choice (of course I hope this one wins...but that's why I have the other 3 as back up) I Wish

40's Fever

Today when I came home from work I noticed that work has begun on getting my apartment's pool ready for warm weather.

And with pool chairs soon to be making their way out into the sun it makes me start thinking of swimsuits. And have I found some cute ones! Now if I thought I was cool enough to pull off these retro throw back bathing suits I'd buy them in a heartbeat (and you know if I had a couple hundred dollars to spend on them too).

I swear nobody has cuter stuff than Antropologie!

I'm in love with a preview

I love shows on NBC. I'm usually quite a snob about it, and have a hard time believing any sitcom can be good if it's on a competitive channel. My exceptions to the rule: How I Met your Mother and American Idol. But I have loved and love many a show on the peacock network.

Yesterday NBC just released a list of new shows that they'll be starting in '09 and '10 and one of them looks hilarious and I'm excited about it already.

Check out the preview and if you're a Breakfast Club fan you'll see how this show won me over by the 2 minute mark. This looks really funny, and most good funny shows have a short life expectancy so watch it and keep it on TV in 2009!

Cute, cute, cute!

Oh my goodness how much do I want this? I mean is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen? I mean I drink my tea from a coffee mug, but I'd throw every mug in the trash if I had dishes as cute as these to drink out of. I mean the tea pot is in the shape of a circus tent for cute sake!

Now, I have never actually been to the circus, and don't really ever plan on it either. I feel like the animals are probably mistreated and miserable, and you probably spend half the time thinking, "is it me or does it smell like cabbage in here?" But I do love vintage-y/old looking images like this and when I see things like this I have the sudden urge to own them.

You can check out the whole "circus violet" line at Studio Violet. It looks like they're based in Europe somewhere. They have a shop online, and they sell everything but the porcelain pieces. Ah well, I can dream....

Cloudy Days

Please forgive me for not posting sooner, I mean last Tuesday? I need to get with it.

I've been so bummed lately because the nice spot of warm weather we had been having has turned into a cold rainy mess. I mean maybe the earth doesn't know that it is May; and May weather should be warm, and pleasant, and preparing us for summer!

It was a weekend full of puddles, and raindrops and better be wrong about the rest of this week being more of the same.

If you're somewhere with warm weather please send it towards Indiana, and if you're somewhere that hasn't quite embraced spring yet, find a cute umbrella and try not to sulk too much about having wet feet (because if you're like me you already got your flip flops out and have refuse to stop wearing them despite the temperature).

Here's to a better week!
(P.S. this cute little picture came from here)