Blast from the past!

What do a flowered hat, neon colored scrunchies and sleeveless flannel shirts have in common?

They were the key accessories on the hit early '90s sitcom Blossom!

Oh my gosh, I LOVED Blossom when I was a kid and a piece of news I read yesterday gave me happy flashbacks to my childhood. Mayim Bialik, aka Blossom, is going to be the first makeover on the premiere episode on What Not to Wear.

(pause for squeals of delight)

I love What Not to Wear. I love it when I can stay home on Friday nights to watch the new episodes, and I've gone to Macy's to watch Clinton Kelly host a fashion show. The show is fabulous and now that Mayim will be trashing her hippie clothes, and the secret Blossom clothes that she's had since 1994 and wears out on occasion on TLC in the year 2009, words can't describe my excitement!

Watch the opener and take a trip down memory lane!

I mean who didn't wish they dressed that funky? (is it just me or does she remind you of a young Sarah Jessica Parker?...or is it just the nose?)

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