Blogs to Love

My Blogging Your Way class has finally come to an end and I have to say that I am so excited to use all the knowledge Holly and Leslie have shared with me, and all my classmates, on this blog. I've started to adjust to my new anthro schedule I hope I can start to get a good schedule of regular posts and recurring posts and I hope you guys start to get excited to read and discover new things. Don't be afraid to share with me! :)

Our last assignement in class was to talk about 5 other blogs I have started to read since being apart of the class. I skimped on getting it done in the time frame Holly gave us but I didn't want to not do it because I have found so many great blogs from this class that I want to share with you and let the authors of these blogs know that I appreciate and admire them as well!

(so in no particular order....)

I hope you check out these ladies wonderful sites and add them to your regular blogs to check!

Katie Brown for Meijer

I have always had a love for Katie Brown. This spunky brunette with the interesting voice and love for antique things made me tune into her show: Next Door with Katie Brown. Now when her show was on in the late 90's I wasn't much into cooking or gardening but I had a love for her home decor ideas, DIY projects and her trips to her local flea market even though I was only a teenager and the dream of owning my own home seemed so far away. (it actually still does even now that I'm in my late 20's!).

Anyways I would catch her show from time to time and as my teenage life turned to college life I forgot about her show. It wasn't until a year or so ago when a friend told me her show was still on. I think it's changed hosting networks...I honestly still haven't found where or when the show airs, but I grocery shopping the other day at Meijer I walked right by her cute face next to great home goods and I was thrilled!

Katie Brown has this great line of kitchen, home and gardening items for sale at Meijer at a great price and has the touch of Nothern charm and simplicity that she exudes. I have been debating buying new dishes and kitchen tools and her items from her Orchard collection really have me exctied. Check them out and re-discover your love for Katie Brown again!

Anthropologie wedding

Anthropologie is making the little girl princess bride in me so excited; they are coming out with a line of wedding dresses! Let me pause a moment while your eyeballs come back into your head.

Okay you're back and ready to know more. Let's dish. So Anthropologie has announced that their designers and guest designers will be designing dresses for the ethereal, vintage style bride, um hello? Me! Their whole concept behind the wedding dress is to become an heirloom dress. Something you could pass down generation to generation. They also plan to design bridesmaids dresses, accessories, jewelry, shoes and I'm sure much more. Can you say invitations, flowers and dinner settings? The dress/accessory portion is set to roll out Spring of next year but in the years to come things such as wedding planning services and Anthro specific locations are in the works as well.

As I travel through numerous wedding blogs I see how many girls take inspiration for their big day from their store already and I came up with my own little collage of what an Anthro wedding would be like. Who wants to attend?

Jack and Lulu

While at work I've stumbled over the cutest, simplest thing: orange stripey straws.

As soon as I saw them come out of the box I started to imagine them climbing out of a glass Coke bottles or a small glass of milk, or perhaps displayed inside a pretty jar like this one.

They are perfect little fun kitchen accessory and earth friendly; they're biodegradable. They are made by the sweetest little company called Jack and Lula. Their "About" section on their website is so adorable. I'm still not sure how the two are related, but I have no doubt these two are a pair. Aside from adorable sipping straws they make the most adorable paper products too. Note cards, recipe boxes, stationary, and thank you notes.
Who else is thirsty?

Know your ABC's

Ever since I discovered Jeanie & Jewell I have been anxiously awaiting the completion of her alphabet project. Each letter is depicted with a daring little animal, face or object to representing it's corresponding letter.

Jeanie says she's in the process of getting them printed in poster size to sell in her shop. I can not wait for the announcement. I can see this is as a perfect artful and educational gift for my little niece.

I have to say I'm partial to this letter:

So go check her out on her blog or her shop!

Roll out the red carpet

Get excited for Sunday because the ultimate movie goers night of awards, red carpet and montages are going live at 8pm. I have done such a good job this year at seeing a lot of the movies that are up for the big awards such as best film, actor, actress and supporting roles. I usually fill out 2 ballots one focused on trying to get the best score and choosing the winners that is expected to win and then one of winners that I think should win.

Here's my predictions for the top 6 categories:

Best Actor: Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart
Best Actress: Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side
Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds
Supporting Actress: Mo'nique, Precious
Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker
Best Picture: The Hurt Locker

And my favorite category, Best Animated Short film: Logorama

I would have to say my favorite movie that is up for a few nominations but I don't think any awards will be handed out to them is An Education. This was such a beautiful and sweet movie that I'm glad it's at least getting recognized.

Follow along with me and my picks on Sunday by printing out your ballot here.