Yesterday, to pass part of the afternoon, I watched one of Disney's latest animated creations: Tangled. Being a sucker for anything Disney, I of course loved it but what really captivated me was the artwork shown in the movie. To give you a quickie overview, Rapunzel is locked in a tower and, to pass the time, she has painted the inside walls of her tower. Beautiful scenes of wildlife, woodland creatures, and Rapunzel twirling and spinning in her yards of hair, cover everything from floor to ceiling. The artist behind the artwork is Claire Keane. She is the daughter of famous animator Glen Keane, who did illustrative work on such classics as The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast (just to name a few). I love the use of such bright colors and how her work has this magical feel to it. I can almost see her characters come to life.

The above picture is a reproduction she did of my favorite part of the movie. It is of paper lanterns illuminating the night sky in celebration of Rapunzel's birthday. You can check out her blog to see more of her work, and I definitely recommend you watch Tangled to see more too!

(images: Disney Artists, Claire on a Cloud)

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