Friday Flick Picks

Hello my little movie watchers, how are you? I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself for getting out to the theatre so much these past few weeks. As much as I love being snuggled up on the couch with my man and my dog watching a movie; nothing beats sitting in a darken theatre seeing a movie for the very first time. So this week, I got out to see Midnight in Paris on Saturday, and then stayed in to watch some DVDs on Sunday. If you caught my post earlier in the week gushing about the fashions in Midnight in Paris, you'll know why I'm making it my pick of the week. Not only do they have some amazing shots of the city of lights as it is today, but they take you back in time to Paris in the 20's. It's like something out of a painting. The costumes, the set, the rainy lamp lit's all breath taking. And Owen Wilson's take on the Woody Allen persona is hilarious.

And I can already tell you my streak of watching movies in the theatre will continue into next week because Tree of Life is finally coming to Lexington! So expect my full report next week. How about you guys, are you accomplishing any long awaited plans over the weekend?

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  1. I really liked Midnight in Paris. My husband is a big Woody Allen fan so we end up seeing a lot of his movies, but I don't usually end up loving them. This one definitely included enough beauty and literature to make it attractive to me. As for AI I still remember seeing that in the theatre and thinking it was going to end numerous times only to have it continue on and on. Thanks for sharing!