Author's Note

Author's Note: The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Especially you Jenny Beckman. Bitch.

Last night I saw (500) Days of Summer, and it was wonderful. The hilarious quote above is presented within the first ten seconds of the movie starting. Any movie that can get everyone to laugh that early in the game is definitely a winner. I also have to say that I was not the only one who thought (500) was going to be great, because on a Monday night at 9:30, our local Indie movie theatre half full.

*Side Note* If you live in Indianapolis, go to the Keystone Art Cinema theatre near the Fashion Mall. The tickets are a bit more expensive, but they have the best selection indy movies in town.

It was an incredibly sweet, funny, and touching movie. When it comes to seeing a romance film, I feel like I already know what's going to happen because I've seen it 100 times before, but Marc Webb found a way to make watching this love story different. The best word I can use to describe it is eclectic.

I also have to say the fashions Zooey Deschanel was sporting were super cute and I love that someone like Joseph Gordon-Levitt was the leading male. If you want to see another great movie he stars in, I mean besides 10 Things I Hate about You (which PS did anyone see where they're making that movie into a TV show??), is Brick.

Trust me by the end of the week everyone will be talking about this movie!

Previews that I saw before (500) that I'm pumped about: Nine, and In the Loop.


I'm sure everyone has seen it already, but it's officially out there-The Alice in Wonderland trailer. The makeup and costumes look amazing...Oscar worthy for 2010 if I had make an early prediction. I am so looking forward to being wrapped up in the magical fantasy world of the white rabbit, mad hatter, and singing flowers.

Something else that I'm really excited about is the ladies of the ATL are coming back for season 2! Now I know you all know how much I loved the ladies of NJ, but the women in Atlanta are something else. Get in front of your TV next Thursday the 30th and enjoy!

A windy weekend

Please forgive my absence from blogging! Last week felt super boring for me, and uninspiring, so I didn't write. Please forgive me! But a little vacation solved all my problems. For the past 3 days I have been in Chicago.

I had SO much fun. This odd looking, shiny thing is nicknamed "the bean" and is in Millennium Park. My bestie and I made faces into the reflection after taking in the great art at The Art Institute, shopping on Michigan Ave, Water Tower Mall, and then when our other bestie got out of her new career training, the trio of us hit up Navy Pier, laughing at a Second City show, and eating yummy pizza, sushi, Mediterranean food...and Dunkin Donuts. I realize the last one there is not synonymous with Chi-Town, but me and my 2 girlfriends found ourselves craving them every day! God bless donut holes!

But fun times were had on the trip, and I feel refreshed to be at home and putting little check marks on my life's "to do list."

Small review about the shopping I did while in Chicago...American Apparel, stay away! The website might seem all cute tshirts and tights, but inside the store is like stepping into the year 1989! Bodysuits in fluorescent colors, fishnet bodysuits and tshirts, and just ugly things in general.
BUT right next door was Urban Outfitters, and unexpectedly I found some of the funniest books for sale their. *sadly, i just checked their website and my favorites aren't even on there, so amazon it is* For the list maker, and the journaler (yes I make up words!)

What's a Summer without Movies?

In short the 2 movies I saw this weekend that did not stink.

In a bit more detail, over the weekend I saw Public Enemies and Bruno.

I love me a good Johnny Depp movie, and this one did not disappoint. When the trailer first came out I was super excited, but as the release date started nearing people were saying that it wasn't all that great. But I was pleasantly surprised. I mean if you like a good shoot 'em up gangster movie and Johnny's knack for dry wit then go see it But is it the best movie you'll see this summer? No. Though I am a fan of movies that give forgotten actors small parts in big movies. So if you were wondering whether Leelee Sobieski and Giovanni Ribisi would ever get work again, you'll be glad to know they both have bit parts in this movie.

Now, onto Bruno. What can I say about a movie I've been waiting for ever since this clip leaked on the Internet? I love how far Sacha pushes the envelope and the crazy stuff he's able to pull off. I knew I was in for a good show when the girl who sold me my ticket said that if I didn't like the movie I could get a full refund. I would love to be a fly on the wall when some of these situations were thought up and then filmed. The last scene of the movie had me crying I was laughing so hard.

Next up on my list of "must see" summer movies: Harry Potter 5 (yes, I'm a huge nerd) and Julie & Julia (you gotta love a movie about a blog!).

A Sneak Peek

It's only July and the scrapbook world is already prepping us for the holidays; and I am so freaking excited about it!

Not only is Hallmark premiering it's Christmas ornaments this weekend, but one of my favorite online scrapbook stores is teasing me with really cute Halloween and Christmas paper!

The line isn't up yet, only the title and small picture to go with it. Lay your eyes on this and tell me you wish it was October already!
The company is called pink paislee and I'm super excited about it. They don't have an exact date for when it will become available for ordering, just the vague "coming soon."

This is their Christmas one too.

Last year I made the mistake of buying My Mind's Eye holiday pack for Halloween and Christmas too soon and then felt bad about buying more even cuter holiday paper as it got closer to the real dates. I mean I still bought other papers...but I should have waited to see what everyone was putting out before I got overly excited. Which btw My Mind's Eye just came out with their holiday papers too if you want to check theirs out here.

I'm not making any promises this year, but I will try to show some restraint!

Van Dyke Brown

I find enjoyment and awesome-ness in the little things in life, and today I have found another nugget of joy.

A website that streams Bob Ross episodes 24/7! I used to LOVE to watch him paint as a kid. I know 2 people who actually own the "Happy Painting Kit." That's not really what it's called, but I mean shouldn't it though?

As a kid I guess I never really grasped that he was just a landscape painter and I always wondered why he never did people. I thought if he could make a tree come to life, imagine what he could do with a self portrait! When I took a painting course in college I attempted to create an autumn tree scene Bob Ross style and needless to say I could have benefited from this live stream to work as a refresher course.

I will say it's hard to get in the pool to watch the show. Livestream must only let a specific number people on the site at a time because after watching an hour earlier this morning, I find myself being shut out of the site just a few minutes ago. Good luck, and happy painting.

I'm Famous today!

A very sweet Etsy seller named Nicole is featuring an outfit I put together for her daily Couture de Jour series and I am so excited!

Her blog always has such pretty things for sale on etsy, great contests, and yummy recipes. Her zebra brownies from the other day looked delish!

Her jewelry line, lillyella, on etsy is darling and I'm proud to say I own a great set of earrings, and necklace that I wear with everything. Go check out her blog!


Nothing passes an uneventful evening or weekend better than watching your favorite TV show on DVD. Especially the 30 minute TV shows. At the end of every episode you have that 5 second debate with yourself that usually goes something like: "should I watch one more?" and the answer is almost always yes; and before you know it 4 hours have gone by!

Sex and the City, Arrested Development, The Comeback, Weeds, and How I Met Your Mother are all shows that have pulled me into multiple hour marathons.

The good news is 2 of my favorite shows are coming/came to DVD! One is almost 2 decades old since it's last season aired, and the other ended in the early 2000's.

Parker Lewis Can't Lose and Daria!Parker just came to DVD last week and yesterday I found out the complete Daria series will be out next year.

PLCL had that Ferris Bueller quality about the show, that I loved, and I have vivid memories of Parkers wild button up shirts, and Principle Musso breaking her office door window. And I used to do a killer Sandy (one of Quinn's, Daria's sister, best friends) impression from Daria.

I hope this bit of news has given you something to look forward know after you finish that 3 hour Entourage marathon (which of course I have never done!)

I know a pug...

One my of my best friends owns a Pekingese Pug mix, named Squee, and I think we could teach him to do this. Squee's best friend is a stuffed bunny named 'Bun' and what a better way for him to show his love than to give Bun a ride for once; instead of being thrown to the ground only to be put in a choke hold? I'll bring the parasol and stroller, you practice getting Squee up on his back legs.

I watched this video yesterday and it made me smile, so maybe this will make you forget for a minute that it's still only Tuesday. Enjoy!

Happy 4th of July

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Light sparklers, have a hamburger off the grill, and be surrounded by family and friends!