A windy weekend

Please forgive my absence from blogging! Last week felt super boring for me, and uninspiring, so I didn't write. Please forgive me! But a little vacation solved all my problems. For the past 3 days I have been in Chicago.

I had SO much fun. This odd looking, shiny thing is nicknamed "the bean" and is in Millennium Park. My bestie and I made faces into the reflection after taking in the great art at The Art Institute, shopping on Michigan Ave, Water Tower Mall, and then when our other bestie got out of her new career training, the trio of us hit up Navy Pier, laughing at a Second City show, and eating yummy pizza, sushi, Mediterranean food...and Dunkin Donuts. I realize the last one there is not synonymous with Chi-Town, but me and my 2 girlfriends found ourselves craving them every day! God bless donut holes!

But fun times were had on the trip, and I feel refreshed to be at home and putting little check marks on my life's "to do list."

Small review about the shopping I did while in Chicago...American Apparel, stay away! The website might seem all cute tshirts and tights, but inside the store is like stepping into the year 1989! Bodysuits in fluorescent colors, fishnet bodysuits and tshirts, and just ugly things in general.
BUT right next door was Urban Outfitters, and unexpectedly I found some of the funniest books for sale their. *sadly, i just checked their website and my favorites aren't even on there, so amazon it is* For the list maker, and the journaler (yes I make up words!)

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