What's a Summer without Movies?

In short the 2 movies I saw this weekend that did not stink.

In a bit more detail, over the weekend I saw Public Enemies and Bruno.

I love me a good Johnny Depp movie, and this one did not disappoint. When the trailer first came out I was super excited, but as the release date started nearing people were saying that it wasn't all that great. But I was pleasantly surprised. I mean if you like a good shoot 'em up gangster movie and Johnny's knack for dry wit then go see it But is it the best movie you'll see this summer? No. Though I am a fan of movies that give forgotten actors small parts in big movies. So if you were wondering whether Leelee Sobieski and Giovanni Ribisi would ever get work again, you'll be glad to know they both have bit parts in this movie.

Now, onto Bruno. What can I say about a movie I've been waiting for ever since this clip leaked on the Internet? I love how far Sacha pushes the envelope and the crazy stuff he's able to pull off. I knew I was in for a good show when the girl who sold me my ticket said that if I didn't like the movie I could get a full refund. I would love to be a fly on the wall when some of these situations were thought up and then filmed. The last scene of the movie had me crying I was laughing so hard.

Next up on my list of "must see" summer movies: Harry Potter 5 (yes, I'm a huge nerd) and Julie & Julia (you gotta love a movie about a blog!).

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