A Sneak Peek

It's only July and the scrapbook world is already prepping us for the holidays; and I am so freaking excited about it!

Not only is Hallmark premiering it's Christmas ornaments this weekend, but one of my favorite online scrapbook stores is teasing me with really cute Halloween and Christmas paper!

The line isn't up yet, only the title and small picture to go with it. Lay your eyes on this and tell me you wish it was October already!
The company is called pink paislee and I'm super excited about it. They don't have an exact date for when it will become available for ordering, just the vague "coming soon."

This is their Christmas one too.

Last year I made the mistake of buying My Mind's Eye holiday pack for Halloween and Christmas too soon and then felt bad about buying more even cuter holiday paper as it got closer to the real dates. I mean I still bought other papers...but I should have waited to see what everyone was putting out before I got overly excited. Which btw My Mind's Eye just came out with their holiday papers too if you want to check theirs out here.

I'm not making any promises this year, but I will try to show some restraint!

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