Van Dyke Brown

I find enjoyment and awesome-ness in the little things in life, and today I have found another nugget of joy.

A website that streams Bob Ross episodes 24/7! I used to LOVE to watch him paint as a kid. I know 2 people who actually own the "Happy Painting Kit." That's not really what it's called, but I mean shouldn't it though?

As a kid I guess I never really grasped that he was just a landscape painter and I always wondered why he never did people. I thought if he could make a tree come to life, imagine what he could do with a self portrait! When I took a painting course in college I attempted to create an autumn tree scene Bob Ross style and needless to say I could have benefited from this live stream to work as a refresher course.

I will say it's hard to get in the pool to watch the show. Livestream must only let a specific number people on the site at a time because after watching an hour earlier this morning, I find myself being shut out of the site just a few minutes ago. Good luck, and happy painting.

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