Why can't there be fun jobs?

I wish I could invent fun jobs that would make you money. Right after I find a way to make money from reading celebrity blogs and surfing the Internet I plan to make money by wearing cute dresses all day!

You would see me sporting adorable ones like this:

To find more appropriate attire for your first day of "work" check out Mod Cloth for the most adorable vintage and unique dresses.

Idol Antics

I have an on going love/hate relationship with American Idol. I love watching the amazing-ness of their singing talents, or the laugh out loud train wrecks, and Simon's thoughts on the performances. Everything else I hate. Ryan, Paula, the arguing between the judges, how the contestants hold up their fingers for people to vote, the sappy group songs....I could go on and on.

But last night between Simon and Paula's obvious flirting (ie. her sharpie mustache and their constant whisperings) and that awful singer named Adam, it is making me hate this season more than usual.

This is who Adam reminds me of- Kurt Russell, straight out of the 1980's.

Does anyone else see the resemblance? Too much make up and his hair is overly done. Please people stop voting for him. How can we go on looking at that face?

Seacrest. Out.

(alright, sometimes Ryan cracks me up)

Slappin' the Bass

I saw I Love You, Man over the weekend and I highly recommend you go see it. There are some serious laugh out loud for a few minute parts in this movie, and it is funny all the way through. Paul Rudd...so funny. Who knew his career would take off only 14 years after Clueless, and he still looks the same!

I don't want to spoil any parts for you, so I won't go on and on about my favorite parts, but after viewing you'll know what my title is all about. Prepare to be Rushified!

March Madness

All I have to say is my bracket is rocking so far, and I hardly know anything about college basketball. I don't usually get into college basketball, or any sport for that matter, but for some reason when March rolls around all I can think about is "bracket".

This is only my third year of entering a pool with people that actually know something about basketball; but last year I filled out one and I won the pool at my work! I had no problem spending that extra $200 dollars so that is really the only thing motivating me to try again and see how good my semi-random picking turns out.

Out of the first round I had 27 teams picked right out of 32! I've got University of North Carolina winning the whole thing (for the 3rd time in a row) and to quote Barack Obama, "I picked you all last year and you let me down, this year don't embarass me in front of the nation."

Spring has sprung!

It's not 70 degrees like I'd hope, but it was at least sunny out where I am today.

The best things about spring are driving with the windows down...wearing flip flopsand blooming hyacinths.

I also love the home page of Google today too, nothing beats the adorableness of the illustrations in this book.

Enjoy the last moments of sunlight, and here's to warmer days ahead!