The Mindy Project Apartment

Are you guys watching The Mindy Project? If you aren't, then you're in luck. It comes on tonight: 9:30pm EST on Fox. It's like the come to life version of her blog from back in the day, "Things I've Bought that I Love," and the funny parts of her character Kelly from The Office. It's hilarious, and if you're a girlie girl, then you will love all parts of her character and dynamic of this show. But more importantly than loving the fashion choices she makes you will LOVE the apartment she lives in. I mean check out that dining room above! I'm totally digging the mixing of pattern, texture and colors all pulled together seamlessly into her open floor plan. I would die for those yellow captain's chairs or blue tufted seating bench.

I pulled together my own dining room inspiration board to mimic Mindy's apartment. What do you think, am I close?

bookends, bench, chandelier, curtainstable, prints, carved buffet, white buffet, yellow chair

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