Friday Flick Picks

Anyone else feeling a little drained after the Oscars? Ok good, I'm not either! Slightly hard on myself for only getting 16 out 24 right on my ballot, but lucky for me I'll get another chance next February. Unfortunately, after the Oscars the movie world goes into a horrible dry spell. Bad movies are released weekly to fill our hearts until Summer blockbusters come out. So now is the perfect time to catch movies I never saw in the theatres, documentaries, and old classics. Don't worry apples we'll weather the bad movie storm together!

This week I was happy to get in four movies. I saw Amour on Saturday night, and really wished Emmanuelle Riva had won best actress. The movie is rip your heart out touching. It truly is a beautiful telling of love between two people. It's my pick of the week. The other movies I saw this week were just all right. I wouldn't highly recommend any of them to watch, unless you love you some B. That woman can dance, sing, and flip her hair, like crazy!

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