One of the best parts of being a guest at a wedding is getting a piece of cake. And it's even better when atop that glorious mountain of icing, flowers, and fondant is a cute little topper looking down at you.

I love the new trend of getting the wedding toppers to look like the bride and groom, or at least resemble the dress, hair color, and wedding color theme. These little guys are the cutest and I can totally imagine them set out after the wedding is over to remind you of the happy day.

Clockwise 1. the small object (they remind me of vintage fisher price toys) 2. lauren alane 3. ann wood

Our Sweetest Pear

It's a good day for me when a new line of scrapbook paper comes out. If there were a name for my kind of sickness, (something like) "crop plague" or "mad scrap disease," I would be suffering from it. I'm one of those scrappers that falls in love with the paper first (or stickers, or the embellishments) and then I figure out an activity to do just so I have an excuse to use the paper. I find almost everything in the scrap world adorable and view it as a must have item. So I buy it. With that kind of thinking you can imagine how overflowing my scrapbook organizer is because I can't help myself in a scrapbook store.
I mean it's not like I scrapped 10 Christmas pages this past year because I bought so much holiday paper or anything...
The other day I saw this adorable line from sassafrass lass and can not wait until the release date. That's right scrapbook lines have release dates. Most people are excited about the release of a summer blockbuster, me it's adorable paper products. But I mean with patterns like this how could not be excited??

God I love a fruit with a face!

That's Enough Jon and Kate

Let me state for the record, I do not watch Jon and Kate plus 8. I am no fan of kids and spending a half hour of my life listening to 8 of them scream and wail is no picnic for my ears. But you can't avoid what's happening in their lives right now. They're making cover after cover with ridiculous headlines with shocking stories, and exposed secrets. Whatever it all is, I'm over it!

Yesterday I read a Perez post about how their show was losing ratings. Their season premier got 9.8 million viewers and after 3 weeks and 50 headlines later its down to 2.9. I mean it's no wonder everyone is sick of them.

Well TLC and Jon and Kate must be getting worried their ship is going down fast and doing anything they can to get their viewers back because Monday it's an hour long episode and "this couple in turmoil is now at a crossroads, and they have an announcement!"

It's going down! And by "it" I mean the show all together.


My jaw is still gaping after last nights TRHoNJ! I would have paid good money to be a fly on the wall at that dinner party.

Which let me start out by saying that the whole basis of why the were having the dinner was ridiculous, and of course the idea was brainstormed by the genius of the group: Teresa. She wanted to throw a housewarming party for all the girls upon moving into the house of gaudy-ness at a restaurant. That's right a housewarming party not at your new house, but a restaurant. Brilliant! Less clean up. I must remember this when I buy my first home.

So the scene was set for a MAJOR cat fight since all the girls, including the much hated Danielle, were invited to the dinner. This is a typical season finale scenario for any Real Housewives show on Bravo. They haveall the girls get together and bring their families and have one last chance to bring out their claws and hope they get picked up for a second season. I hoped it worked!

Dinner starts out fine, everyone is laughing having a good time, Teresa starts telling a funny "bubbies" story and then all of a sudden Danielle reaches under the table and pulls out "the book." Awkward silences and eye contact avoidance ensues. *Side Note* This is what I love about these shows, things are planted and scripted (obviously) Danielle came into that dinner with a clutch...where did that book come from, under her dress? the waiter/producer brought it to her??? Very suspicious!

But anywho, once the book was on the table, all hell broke out. Caroline, of course, takes over the situation, trying to protect Dina, and her family. Pointing fingers, hair flipping and catty remarks were flying! The best twist of it all was originally everyone thought Dina revealed the book to the town; turns out it was Caroline. So then Caroline and Danielle have it out, Jacquelin trys to stand up for Danielle, calls her family a pack of liars. Tempers are heating up and Teresa is about to bust a bubbie she is so mad. She was not going to stand Danielle ruining her housewarming party and started flipping out on her. She tipped the table over and her hubby had to take a choke hold to her to get her to calm down!

Then they wrapped up the finale with a "where are they now" segment. Thanks to new bubbies and a lot of loving in the bedroom, 2 of the housewives are expecting new babies, one is still on the hunt for a man, another is happy to have quit work and to be a house wive, and another "stands behind her decision to expose the book, and would do again."

Gosh, I all this New Jersey drama makes me super excited for Real Housewives of Atlanta to start!

For an even funnier retelling of the show check it out here.

(P.S. This book is selling used on amazon for $189 bucks!)

The Big Chill (and I'm not talking movies)

I have fallen in love with a refrigerator. I'm not talking you're average fridge here with the fancy ice maker and the wood panel doors so it blends seamlessly in with the rest of your kitchen...I'm talking about a fridge that has cool color choices like "buttercup yellow" and "pink lemonade" a fridge that would make you swear it was 1950 and make you wish your hair was styled like Betty Paige's.

Are you still alive, or have you died from cuteness overload? If you're still conscience, then go to their website, drool over their many color combinations, and start dreaming of what your dream kitchen could look like.

I don't know if I'll make it through the rest of the day because I just saw where they make stoves and dishwashers. Bliss!

Casinos and C cups

Real Housewives of New Jersey, I can't stop talking about it!!

Last night's episode was just alright, no major drama, just showing the girls out running around in their natural element. You know Atlantic City, the playground for the elite and sophisticated.

So the major highlights of the show were: Danielle celebrated her birthday and breaks up with her boyfriend, and shares the whole ordeal with her daughters.

Jacqueline treats her daughter to a photo shoot and it ends with her daughter in tears and Jacqueline saying to the cameras, she definitely not getting that new car now. *tip to mothers* Yelling over the photographer's shoulder things like: smile, don't look like that, and you're not relaxed...never makes photos turn out well.

Dina, Teresa and Caroline went to Atlantic City for a no-drama-girls weekend. Shopping, sunbathing, eating, and all Teresa could talk about was "bubbies." What is that word you ask, "bubbies?" That is Teresa's pet name for breasts or boobies, as maybe the rest of the world would refer to them as. She wanted to turn he 34A bra size into a nice full C. Her husband is an "ass man" but wanted to fill out her lingerie and bathing suits better, so she needed to get bigger "bubbies". I have no problem with her wanting breast implants, whatever makes you happy...but can we at least call them by the proper name? Even to her doctor! It was ridiculous and that is why she's my favorite on this show; because I love a reality TV air head.

Stay tuned for the season finale next Tuesday, you won't want to miss it.

Movie Review

The Hangover

Saw it, loved it, go see it!

You've got to love a movie that's only an hour and a half long, keeps you laughing the entire time, gets Heather Graham a much needed pay check, and has a good Holocaust joke.

Zach Galifianakis, (the chubby one with the beard) anytime he opened his mouth something funny came out. And if you love Ed Helms beautiful singing voice you're in for a musical treat in this movie too!

#2 at the box office, we all can't have that bad of taste, so check it out!

Movies I hope soon to be on the review board: Away we Go, and Up.

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Except for herpes. That s***'ll come back with you."

My 2 Favorite Things

So a few weeks ago, I made a post about an adorable circus themed tea set; and a couple of months ago I shared my love for the cameo. Well the cute Gods must be trying to sell me something today because I came across this:

Teacups with cameos on them!

I mean seriously why am I not having more tea parties?!

I can just imagine a black and white themed luncheon, and everyone has cute black and white dresses with full skirts, white gloves and these teacups in their hands!

My advice to you on this Friday: go buy yourself something cute this weekend!

Jersey Girl Recap

"Red & Black and Read all Over"

All right, lets dish about last nights episode. So, obviously Bravo is fanning the "lets make war between Danielle and the rest of the women" flame and by the end of the episode I was kind of sick of it, but creating drama is what they do best, so they stick to the story line that works.

We had to hear about Danielle against Dina the entire time. At dinner with Jacqueline and Teresa, and then later with just Jacqueline, and then later still with Danielle's best gay over for lunch. But what it basically boiled down to was Danielle got into some trouble with the law because of a boyfriend she had when she was 20. I mean who wasn't come home from a European photo shoot to a house with 30 rooms and then be busted for an accessory to trafficking? But somebody wrote a book about it, and the whole town found out about it. Feathers were ruffled.

The most hilarious part of the whole thing was you heard her retell "the book" story 4 or 5 times, and she acts like it's a big secret that she didn't want out, but she goes on to say that if someone like Dina came to her directly and asked her about it she would have told her. If that's the case what's the big deal?? So ridiculous.
But onto the funnier parts of the show:

Dina; wants her 12 year old daughter not to go to Cypress for 2 weeks because she wants her to stay in Jersey forever. And she thinks that while there she will contract Lyme disease and fungus from a water park. ???

Teresa and her heard wear. WOW. I love it. The big headband at dinner, the 15 ways she can style her hair, the weird demin looking biker hat...oh she is a hot mess. Her fashion choices alone are worth watching this show. All I can say is I wish I had a family photo like this with my mother.